Rapidly Growing REIT Sustains 8% Dividend In Bear Market

Rapidly Growing REIT Sustains 8% Dividend In Bear Market

RAD Diversified just gave its investors a few reasons to celebrate. While the real estate market flounders, one sector is gaining serious momentum.

Simply put, the average real estate investment trust (REIT) didn’t predict such a lucrative rental market. So was it a mistake for most of them to diversify across new construction and commercial real estate in such uncertain times? Inflation, interest rates and a new work-from-home culture put a damper on these revenue streams, leaving potential investors wondering what to do next.

Their answer came quickly. And it’s clear there’s one sector that isn’t suffering from economic conditions. In fact, circumstances have added jet fuel to its momentum.

  • Rent is 77.1% higher than the 2020 national average.
  • Experts predict a 5.4%-plus rent growth throughout 2023.

What’s more, not all rental revenue is created equal. And the portfolio behind the RAD REIT makes some analysts think they’re working with a crystal ball.

Offering Investors That Rare “Perfect Timing”

Difficult economic times drive demand for rental properties. RAD REIT poured a lot of resources into securing a rental portfolio early on, focusing on cash-flowing properties and sustainable single-family or multifamily homes in key high-growth markets. Clearly, its focus paid off big.

It’s one of the few funds that boast a waiting list, but thanks to a robust and growing team of analysts and financial operators, its capacity keeps growing along with its portfolio.

Key Takeaways for Investors

  • Price gain since its 2019 launch: 108%
  • Share price: $20.86
  • Dividend yield: 8%
  • Still in the growth phase
  • Non-traded REIT - share price doesn’t follow the market
  • Share price tied to assets, not investor fears
  • Minimum investment: $1,000

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Cash Flow in 2023: Sidestepping A Volatile Stock Market

Market trust is in short supply at present. Exposing yourself to market sentiment right now seems like a sure recipe for sleepless nights and uncertainty in the coming months.

That’s why nontraded REITs became the premier choice among risk-averse investors who prefer long-term cash flows over quick windfalls. RAD Diversified lets investors qualify for that revenue stream, without exposure to unstable stakeholders.

Final Thoughts

While many experts are staying mum on current market conditions, others realize that revenues aren’t slowing down … just shifting.

When an investment leverages a widespread and long-term trend and when you can see that trend highlighted across any neighborhood and all media, it’s something worth paying attention to.

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