New Investment Platform Lets You Become A Landlord With $100

New Investment Platform Lets You Become A Landlord With $100

That’s no hyperbole. Arrived Homes really does allow you to become one of the owners of America’s most promising single-family rentals for as little as $100. Let’s quickly dive into how that’s possible.

Simply put, the company acquires properties across the country, lets investors buy shares, and rents the properties out. The investors then collect steady rent dividends proportional to their holdings while their shares increase in value. It operates similarly to REITs but for individual properties.

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So, how much profit can shareholders hope for? Well, according to ATTOM, the average annual yield for single-family rentals is 7.7%, while the yearly appreciation rate for detached properties averages about 6.7% long-term. Arrived Home’s properties routinely appreciate at a higher rate, with one Northern Arkansas property called Lierly going up in value by an astounding 87.6%. Combined with the passive rent dividends (that reached 7.2%), a $100 investment into Lierly would’ve jumped to $194.8 in 365 days.

While this case was pretty spectacular, it most certainly won’t be the only one to amass such returns in such a short period. Once you peel back the curtain of the company’s property-acquiring process, it becomes obvious that more cases like this are on the horizon.

Arrived’s data scientists scour hundreds of properties on the market in search of ones whose intrinsic value possibly exceeds their price tags. Then, its seasoned real estate experts weigh in, select the most promising ones and hand them to the investment committee. The rental is listed only once they agree that it’ll likely see a spike in returns and appreciate at an above-average rate.

This outstanding level of professionalism and a very tempting opportunity to own a piece of the most promising rentals in the country garnered interest from two very different groups. Over 100,000 non-accredited investors chose to place their savings into some of Arrived’s properties, while the company also managed to fare exceedingly well amongst the world’s richest.

Jeff Bezos financed the startup, both in the seed round and the Series A round. However, he won’t be the only big name at future shareholders’ meetings. Arrived’s About Us page proudly displays the names of two other heads of companies: Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, and Salesforce’s Co-CEO, Marc Benioff, who have also invested hefty sums into the company.

The support seems pretty solid at this point, and that’ll likely be the case as long as the company continues to record the numbers it’s currently recording. For instance, the yield of some of Arrived’s single-family rentals surpasses the national average, with one major distinction: the returns it provides are entirely passive. The company handles everything that needs to be done to secure consistent rent income for the investors. Its staff finds tenants, handles maintenance requests (the way they’ve managed to cut costs in this area is also worth checking out), and files taxes.

Users who register on the platform can buy shares of two types of properties. The aforementioned regular rentals, which are optimized for steady yield, and vacation rentals, which offer a chance for greater returns.

If you’re thinking about investing in the most reliable asset class historically, Benzinga highly suggests checking out this new way to do so.

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