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WestRock Co Com (NYSE:WRK) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

WestRock Co Com: Insider buying and selling updated today.

What is Insider Activity?

Insider trading activity involves company insiders, such as executives, directors, and employees, engaging in transactions of their own company's stock. Insiders' buy and sell transactions provide valuable insights into their confidence in the company's future performance.

What are WestRock Co Com Insiders Doing?

Insiders have report no purchases/sales in the last 30 days.

Notable Recent Insider Buys and Sales

  • On May 6, 2024, Patrick Kivits, the company's PRESIDENT, CORRUGATED PKG sold 6K shares for $51.44 each.
  • On May 6, 2024, John ONeal, the company's PRESIDENT, GLOBAL PAPER sold 6.97K shares for $51.47 each.
  • On May 6, 2024, Denise Singleton, the company's EVP, GENERAL COUNSEL & SEC. sold 9.7K shares for $51.46 each.

Ownership Statistics for WestRock Co Com

May 06, 2024John ONealPRESIDENT, GLOBAL PAPER-6.96K$51.47-$358.49KSELL-10.33%60.49KMay 03View
May 06, 2024Denise SingletonEVP, GENERAL COUNSEL & SEC.-9.70K$51.46-$499.16KSELL-11.46%74.95KMay 03View
May 06, 2024Patrick KivitsPRESIDENT, CORRUGATED PKG-6.00K$51.44-$308.64KSELL-10.43%51.50KMay 03View
Feb 13, 2024Vicki LostetterCHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER-3.50K$42.77-$149.69KSELL-3.66%92.12KFeb 12View
Mar 16, 2023Patrick KivitsPRESIDENT, CORRUGATED PKG-4.00K$27.38-$109.52KSELL-8.67%42.13KMar 15View
Dec 14, 2022CURREY RUSSELLDIRECTOR-55.00K$36.51-$2.01MSELL-12.67%379.21KDec 12View
Aug 22, 2022John ONealPRESIDENT, GLOBAL PAPER0.00$39.09-$35.75KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%46.30KAug 18View
Aug 19, 2022James NevelsDIRECTOR-2.48K$42.36-$105.18KSELL-14.77%14.33KAug 17View
Aug 12, 2022James NevelsDIRECTOR-1.42K$42.31-$59.95KSELL-7.83%16.68KAug 10View
Apr 19, 2022Thomas StigersPRESIDENT, MILL OPERATIONS-15.00K$50.10-$751.50KSELL-14.56%88.03KApr 18View
Mar 10, 2022James NevelsDIRECTOR-6.69K$41.38-$276.83KSELL-27.00%18.09KMar 08View
Nov 18, 2021James NevelsDIRECTOR-3.05K$49.45-$150.82KSELL-12.55%21.25KNov 16View
Mar 15, 2021Wayne Jeffrey ChalovichPRESIDENT - CORRUGATED PKGING-19.60K$51.23-$1.00MSELL-13.60%124.51KMar 11View
Mar 10, 2021STEVEN VOORHEESCEO - PRESIDENT0.00$41.10-$1.85MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%1.20MMar 09View
Nov 17, 2020Wayne Jeffrey Chalovich-13.63K$43.55-$593.76KSELL-10.63%114.57KNov 17View
Nov 17, 2020James Porter0.00$36.99-$243.10KOPTION EXERCISE0.00%162.84KNov 17View
Sep 15, 2020James NevelsDIRECTOR100.00$32.95$3.30KBUY0.49%20.30KSep 14View
Jul 15, 2020James Nevels100.00$28.15$2.81KPURCHASE0.50%20.10KJul 14View
Jun 16, 2020James Nevels100.00$27.02$2.70KPURCHASE0.50%20.00KJun 15View
May 18, 2020James Nevels100.00$23.70$2.37KPURCHASE0.50%19.90KMay 14View
Apr 14, 2020James Nevels100.00$32.69$3.27KPURCHASE0.51%19.80KApr 14View
Mar 17, 2020James Nevels100.00$22.42$2.24KPURCHASE0.51%19.70KMar 16View
Feb 28, 2020Ward Dickson585.00$34.44$20.15KPURCHASE0.37%158.00KFeb 27View
Feb 18, 2020James Nevels100.00$40.75$4.08KPURCHASE0.51%19.60KFeb 14View
Jan 15, 2020James NevelsDIRECTOR100.00$42.74$4.27KBUY0.65%15.40KJan 14View
Dec 16, 2019James NevelsDIRECTOR100.00$41.50$4.15KBUY0.78%12.98KDec 16View
Dec 16, 2019James PorterPRESIDENT - CORRUGATED PACKAGI-55.00K$41.22-$2.27MSELL-29.38%132.21KDec 12View
Dec 12, 2019James PorterPRESIDENT - CORRUGATED PACKAGI0.00$29.56-$540.04KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%187.21KDec 11View
Dec 02, 2019JOHN LUKE JRDIRECTOR0.00$34.90-$2.18MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%648.29KNov 27View
Nov 18, 2019James NevelsDIRECTOR100.00$40.43$4.04KBUY0.78%12.88KNov 14View
Nov 12, 2019JOHN LUKE JRDIRECTOR0.00$31.48-$645.17KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%648.29KNov 11View
Sep 18, 2019JOHN LUKE JRDIRECTOR0.00$31.16-$309.66KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%641.44KSep 16View
Sep 12, 2019JOHN LUKE JRDIRECTOR0.00$30.82-$1.48MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%641.44KSep 11View
Aug 05, 2019JOHN LUKE JRDIRECTOR0.00$30.83-$887.02KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%641.44KAug 01View



Is insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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