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Timing the market is hard. Stop waiting on headlines and get news that hustles. Make smarter trades with faster news and information. And enjoy added confidence with our patented price sentiment engine that tells you how likely news is to move a stock and in which direction.


Customizable Filters

Stream news that fits your investing strategy with Benzinga’s custom filters. Beat the markets by zeroing in on news that catalyzes volatility.


Real-Time Notifications

Stay on top of every headline that matters with desktop, email and sound notifications so you never miss an event, even if your browsing in a different tab or window.


Why Is It Moving?

One of the most common questions traders have about stocks is “Why Is It Moving?”
That’s why we created the Why Is It Moving, or WIIM, feature in Benzinga Pro. WIIMs are a one sentence description as to why that stock is moving. This tool is helpful when you need to know why a stock is moving, or it’s not immediately clear as to why. WIIMs are quick and concise to help you fill in the gaps.

You can find WIIMs at the top of the details when applicable to the stock, and you can also find them by searching or filtering the Newsfeed.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! Using the Advanced Newsfeed, you can filter by sources, categories, screener, watchists, price, market cap, and volume! We are continuing to develop our Advanced Newsfeed so there are even more ways for you to filter the Newsfeed.

Yes! You can set up desktop notifications so you can get alerted every time a new headline appears in your Newsfeed.

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