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Enjoy Up To a 30-Minute Advantage on Other Traders

Be the FIRST to know about market-moving events. We work directly with insiders to deliver exclusive news on earnings, M&A deals, drug trials, and more. While others react, you profit.

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"What was most important wasn't knowing the future - it was knowing how to react appropriately to the information available at each point in time."

Ray Dalio

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Audio Squawk

Trade Without Being Glued To Your Screen 24/7

Our LIVE Audio Squawk keeps you informed, no matter where you are. It’s multitasking for maximum profits. Get breaking news read aloud, freeing your eyes for charts and analysis.

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Collecting Massive Profits From Apple Thanks to a Timely Audio Squawk Callout

Our LIVE Audio Squawk keeps you informed, no matter where you are. It’s multitasking for maximum profits. Get breaking news read aloud, freeing your eyes for charts and analysis.

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See Today’s Biggest Gainers and Losers In Real-Time

No more scrambling to figure out what's hot. With a few clicks, you’ll have a shortlist of potential plays. When a stock sees dramatic price action over a selected duration, the stock will automatically appear on Movers.

Expert Tip:

You can have more than 1 Movers tool. Some users set one for gainers and the other for losers.

This gives you TWICE as many results.


Chat With Other Likeminded Traders and Meet Experts

The chatroom is for traders of any level—whether you have decades of experience or just starting out. Ask questions, find trading ideas, share news and developments, and more!

7 Channels Total:

Including special lounges for crypto traders and day traders!


All Your Important Stock Events In One Place

This is the easiest way to see what’s going to happen to stocks you’re watching. Find crucial dividend dates, analyst upgrades, earnings, historical data, and more with just a quick glance!

Choose From Over 12 Calendars:

Separate the noise and find exactly what you want.

Scanner & Screener

Quickly Find Stocks That Fit Your Exact Trading Thesis 

Use filters like price, market cap, volume, float, relative volume, and short interest to fit your trading style. Freeze your stock list or choose a refresh rate. Plus, export your list to a CSV file!

Presets Included:

Overall Gainers, 5-Minute Movers, Mid-Cap Movers From Open, Real-Time After Hours Gainers, and Large-Cap Gainers


Get Alerted the Instant Something Unusual Is Happening

The fastest way to know about price spikes, options activity, block trades, halt/resumes, opening gaps, or highs and lows. Fine-tune your alerts even more by choosing your own filters.

Custom Notifications:

Receive a browser pop-up, a sound alert, or a synthesized voice.

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The most amazing...

Honestly, the most amazing platform I’ve been using since I’ve started day trading. I love how fast the news gets updated so i don’t have to go searching for more sources. Kept me out of GNUS when it dropped from 1.40 to .70 due to reverse split. Would def reccomend.

by Jason Mcneir

Rated 4.5/5 | 155 reviews


On the first day of me using Benzinga Pro, it paid for itself the annual subscription fee because of super fast news and signal alerts. I have tried other scanners and news services but nothing is even close to Benzinga. Highly recommend if you are serious about trading.

by LKTrader

Rated 4.5/5 | 155 reviews

How is it so fast?!...

Benzinga Pro is hands down the BEST tool for day traders, option traders and anyone who is looking to profit from the market! The platform is easy to use, so many customizable feautures, and the newsfeed is FAST and ACCURATE! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that works at Benzinga!

by Jason Mcneir

Rated 4.5/5 | 155 reviews

Best of the Best...

Very high quality service for trading. This is likely a must-have as far as I can tell after sampling about 8 different platforms in depth.

by Serena Bernstein

Rated 4.5/5 | 155 reviews

I Can't Go Back...

“I would not want to trade without Benzinga Pro. The SQWAUK, the instant news availability, the level of detail you can access quickly, and continuous updating of features are all excellent.”

by Emily

Rated 4.5/5 | 155 reviews

The most amazing...

Can’t do without it. Benzinga and a cup of coffee are your friends in the early morning of the premarket as you get ready for battle!

by Jason Mcneir

Rated 4.5/5 | 155 reviews


“I can be on the beach and I can use Benzinga Pro to set alerts to find what I’m going to trade on Monday morning.

I mean, it’s just, it’s just incredible. It really is.

You don’t find this kind of information as a retail trader or a guy learning to get into the market anywhere else.”


“You need live feed! And I was getting delayed information [with other companies].

Even though I was well informed I was still not able to trade as well as I should until I got Benzinga Pro.”

“[…] Benzinga Pro is a great tool to sharpen a beginner.”


“[…] if I wanted to know the things first, this [Benzinga Pro] was the place to be.”

“It really comes down to the community in Benzinga Pro.

One first things I noticed was the intelligence level in the small chat window that comes with Benzinga Pro.”

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