How to Find Big Market Movers in Benzinga Pro

Thu Jun 2, 2022, 02:02 pm | by Azhar Khan | No comments

The biggest market movers can present some of the best trading opportunities out there and can be a pretty lucrative way to earn a profit on trading. This blog post will dive into detail about the three steps you can take to find market movers inside Benzinga Pro every day. 

  1. Set Up Your Workspace 
  2. Analyze and Confirm with News Catalyst 
  3. Does This Fit Your Trading Strategy? 

Step 1: Set Up Your Workspace 

While you’re getting ready to do research in the pre-market, open up Benzinga Pro and create a new workspace. Open up the Movers and Details tool.

The Movers tool is designed to help you scan for the biggest gainers and losers during the selected time frame. Be sure to apply the current session (pre-market, regular, or after hours). You can apply other filters like price and market cap, too. The more filters you apply, the fewer results you’ll find. Once you’re done, click the blue banner at the top to free up space by collapsing the filter area.

The Details tool gives you everything you need to know about the selected stock. You can click on any ticker in Benzinga Pro to bring up the price, charts, news, and more. It’s a quick way to get all the information you need on that stock for further research. 

Movers and Details in Benzinga Pro

Step 2: Analyze and Confirm with News Catalyst 

This next step is where you can look at the stocks, dig deeper into them, and see why they are the day’s current big market movers. 

When you find a stock with big movement, click on the ticker to open the Details tool and confirm the price movement with a catalyst, like a press release, announcement, or clinical trial. The Benzinga newsdesk team does research and you may see it pop up in the form of a “Why Is It Moving?” box at the top of the Details tool. 

This is a great time to do chart analysis as well. 

Confirming what the news catalyst gives you context into the price action. 

Step 3: Does This Fit Your Trading Strategy? 

Once you have a ticker and have confirmed a news catalyst, it’s time to think about whether this is a good stock to potentially trade using your own strategy. 

There is no definitive answer—whether or not it is a trade you want to take is up to you after you do the proper research. If it’s a good fit for your trading strategy, you might consider trading it, it’s entirely up to you. Just because a stock is one of the biggest movers of the day doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for everyone to trade. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the day’s biggest market movers can be a great trading strategy, especially if you are new to trading. In Benzinga Pro, you can easily find the day’s movers inside the Movers tool, and easily access the information that will confirm a news catalyst. Click here to start a free, two-week trial to try it out (no credit card required for sign up). 

Disclaimer: Benzinga is a news organization and does not provide financial advice and does not issue stock recommendations or offers to buy stock or sell any security. Benzinga Pro is for informational purposes and should not be viewed as recommendations. Benzinga Pro will never tell you whether to buy or sell a stock. It will only inform your trading decisions. You can find our full disclaimer located here.