DEMICON uses ChatGPT & Atlassian Jira Service Management to improve customer experience

Demicon GmbH is proud to announce the revolution of service management for its clients through the integration of AI-powered ChatGPT technology and the Atlassian Jira Service Management Data Center. This innovative solution offers a cutting-edge approach to customer support, providing faster, more accurate, and personalized service to customers.

Service Management is entering a new era with AI-powered chat options.

The organizations that are currently starting to implement this solution will have a great competitive advantage. While this first iteration sets the basis, there are multiple other points that must be taken into account, such as the issue of adapting teams, adding more data, way of working and prompts adapted to the specific environment. Many other challenges are being solved, and more will be added in future iterations furthering the advantages organization gain using a solution like this.

“Using ChatGPT technology, DEMICON helped an automotive software client take service operations to the next level,” says Christian Wiemer, Senior Consultant at DEMICON and the project lead, and he continues: “As a result, our clients are able to drastically improve stakeholder experience, while, at the same time, boosting efficiency, gathering important customer data, and turning a customer service staff shortage into an incredible opportunity – setting them up for service excellence and business growth.”

ChatGPT and Jira are a great match.
The combination of AI-powered ChatGPT technology and Jira Service Management Data Center streamlines the customer service process, automating routine interactions and freeing up service teams to handle more complex issues. The technology leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to provide relevant information and resolve customer queries in real-time, all through an intuitive chat-based interface.


Integrating AI with Jira allows DEMICON clients to deliver a more consistent customer experience by tracking and managing all customer interactions efficiently. This results in quicker resolution times, improved overall service quality and increased customer satisfaction.

“At Demicon GmbH, our goal is to deliver the highest level of service to our clients,” said Ignacio Aredez, principal cloud solution architect and continues “By integrating AI-powered ChatGPT technology with Jira Service Management Data Center, we are able to revolutionize the way we deliver service management, providing faster, more accurate and personalized support to our clients.”

As one of the leading Atlassian partners in the DACH region, DEMICON is committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions to its clients, and this integration is just the latest example of its commitment to excellence.

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