HR Leaders From 30+ Organizations Discuss Challenges of Employee 360s

Webinar roundtable facilitated by Sogolytics shares best practices for enabling more equitable and actionable 360-feedback programs.

HERNDON, Va. (PRWEB) November 22, 2022

Sogolytics, leader in feedback and experience management, recently hosted a webinar roundtable for HR and people-first leaders titled "Rethinking 360s: How to Support Employee Growth While Avoiding Common Pitfalls".

While the value of feedback is rarely in question, the facilitation of a 360 employee review project determines its actual success. Participants shared the top challenges their organizations have seen in rolling out 360-feedback programs, with "Nobody does anything with the results" and "Concerns over anonymity" topping the list of common pitfalls. 75% of respondents reported they are facing more than one challenge or concern with conducting 360s.

"There's a lot to think about when trying to run a good 360, and breaking down the issues into two buckets – content and context – can be helpful. Understanding and addressing both up front helps to set the project up for success," commented Melissa Krut, VP of Success at Sogolytics. "First, we need to understand employees' past 360 experiences, since these impact their perceptions regarding the project's value or risks. Then, we need to ensure that everyone agrees on the content to include and how the results will be used."

The conversation drilled down on practical tips for increasing organizational buy-in, aligning objectives, focus areas, and expectations, and streamlining project administration to increase ease and reduce bias.

"Unfortunately, we do see people who collect a lot of responses but can't do much with the results because of issues with the questions," noted Krut. "It's a shame, because you're asking a lot of team members to make time to share that feedback – and wasting that time can feed negative 360 perceptions in the future."

The critical importance of asking the right questions in the right way was highlighted through an exercise on writing great 360 questions, including both common pitfalls in rating questions and empowering more useful open-ended responses.
"I know that rating questions are useful," shared Sogolytics Director of Product Marketing Natasha Safronova, "But I always want to know why! In my experience, I see some of the best insights from the open-ended comments because they give the reasons behind the ratings."

Participants also received a key decisions checklist outlining important considerations for teams to review inorder to build the most equitable and actionable 360s to support employee growth.
To review webinar material on demand, start here. To learn more about how Sogolytics can help enable an effective 360-feedback program for your team, request a free consultation.

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