Kearney releases new Global Trends study: A convergence of acute and urgent threats

As the COVID-19 crisis appears to recede, the world is entering an increasingly volatile geopolitical era. The conflict in Europe has accelerated many risks to the global operating environment that were already brewing.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --A new report released today by Kearney's Global Business Policy Council, A convergence of acute and urgent threats, addresses the burgeoning challenges impacting the world, from environmental to economic, energy-related to technological. While some progress has been made in overcoming COVID-19 over the past year, geopolitics have become increasingly turbulent. The Ukraine crisis has taken a severe toll on human lives and created ripple effects across the global economy—and it shows little sign of coming to an end anytime soon.

Indeed, the conflict has accelerated and magnified many risks to the global operating environment that were already brewing. The report assesses several of these growing risks and their implications for business. This includes the broader impact of climate change on governments and businesses and how adaptation to environmental crises such as rising temperatures and flooding will be as important as mitigation efforts. The report also examines the implications of protracted global economic stagnation, ranging from monetary policy volatility and labor market imbalances to the resultant political fallout. On the energy front, the report explores whether nuclear will become a larger part of the energy mix and the subsequent geopolitical implications. The remaining trends explore technology, focusing first on data. The proliferation of global data privacy and localization regulations raises questions as to whether we are headed into a world of data spheres of influence that risks culminating in a digital iron curtain. The report's final trend analyzes the rise of deepfakes and how they could damage the credibility of politicians and businesses alike. From climate change to the threat of AI-enabled disinformation and weak economic growth, businesses face an array of challenges over the next five years. To succeed in such a challenging operating environment, strategic businesses will take proactive measures to anticipate and plan accordingly—from running crisis simulations to using strategic foresight and scenario planning.

"We are heading into an unprecedented era of profound volatility," argues Erik Peterson, managing director of the Global Business Policy Council and co-author of the study. "From economic stagnation to a rise in misinformation, governments and the private sector have their work cut out for them in confronting the threats that will characterize the exogenous operating environment over the next five years."

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