ELECTION – A Disaster for Conservatives
PROBLEM – Weak and Ineffective Leaders
SOLUTION – New and Mostly Younger Republican and Conservative Leaders

MANASSAS, Va., Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- by: Richard A. Viguerie, the pioneer of conservative direct marketing, chairman of his 90-person marketing firm, chairman of Conservative HQ, and author of latest book, GO BIG, The Marketing "Secrets" of Richard A. Viguerie


There's no denying the fact in the 2022 elections liberals outgunned conservatives. Democrats/liberals beat Republicans/conservatives like a drum.

There is plenty of blame and finger-pointing for last Tuesday's colossal failure by the GOP to achieve a resounding victory under the ideal circumstances for a wave election.  Let me address, however, some of the foundational problems (and solutions) that the pundits, consultants, and Party leaders won't tell you.


Leaders: Republican Congressional leaders, National Committee Leaders, and their consultants were weak and ineffective.  They lost a major battle to a far weaker opponent.

However, the Democrat leaders had a strategy and a plan and executed it perfectly. Republican leaders were beat by far weaker opponents who had brilliant leadership.

Money: Democrat politicians and candidates massively outraised Republican politicians and candidates.

Money: Liberal nonprofits raised about 700% more money in the last 10+ years than conservative nonprofits ($21+ billion vs. $3-4 billion).

Abortion: Pro-abortion nonprofits raised 1,000% more money than pro-life nonprofits in recent years.

Abortion: Pro-abortion nonprofits have about 1,000% more donors than pro-life nonprofits.

Nonprofits: Liberals have over 20,000 single-issue nonprofits vs. 1-2,000 conservative nonprofits.

Donors: Liberal nonprofits have about 700% more donors than conservative nonprofits (20+ million vs. 3-4 million).

Consultants: Most Republican campaigns are controlled by content-free consultants who appear to be significantly outmatched by those running the Left's campaign operations, strategy, marketing, fundraising, etc.

Strategy: Democrats developed a big-picture strategy with the long game in mind.  Their strategy included spending tens of millions of dollars to nominate the Republican candidates they wanted to run against.  They selected candidates that would fit into their campaign strategy of:

Democracy is on the Ballot
A Woman's Right to Choose is on the Ballot

Message: Democrat political leaders gave voters a tune to whistle:

Democracy is on the Ballot
A Woman's Right to Choose is on the Ballot

Republican leaders gave the voters no tune to whistle.  How do you whistle inflation or crime or high gas prices?

Closers: Democrats brought in effective campaigners to drive home their closing message.  Repetition is the number one secret of advertising. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe and Jill Biden repeated these tunes over and over in the closing weeks of the campaign:

Democracy is on the Ballot
A Woman's Right to Choose is on the Ballot

Who/where were the Republican closers?

Taking victory laps?


Conservatives are like the Biblical Jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years until that generation of failed, flawed leaders had passed away.  Conservatives are not going to get to the political promised land until this generation of failed/flawed leaders are replaced and new ones arrive.

Conservatives and Republicans need new leaders, mostly younger (under 40) who have a bold, aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit and want to play an important role in preserving liberty/freedom under God's laws.

There needs to be a major housecleaning at the national Republican committees, starting with Ronna Romney McDaniel at the Republican National Committee, but also at the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Republican Governors Association Campaign Committee, as well as the cabal of content-free consultants who play a major role in making sure the Republican Party and Republican candidates avoid conservative issues.

Republican U.S. House and Senate leaders need to be replaced, including Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Mitch McConnell, and John Thune.

Most national conservative leaders have low energy, while the Left's leaders have so much energy, it seems that sometimes you can cut it with a knife.


If you feel that conservatives/Republicans did not have a bad night on November 8th because Republicans may have narrowly won the House of Representatives, let me remind you:

With the best political environment ever, we have a squeaker of an election.  How do we expect to have big election victories in the future and govern America at the national, state, and local levels with our present, ineffective leaders?

Conservatives with a bold, aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit—this is your moment, your opportunity—America needs your leadership.  Rush to the sound of the guns.

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About Richard A. Viguerie: Called the "Funding Father of the conservative movement," Mr. Viguerie transformed American politics in the 1960s and '70s by pioneering the use of direct mail as a means for conservatives to bypass the mainstream media and take the conservative message right into people's homes. At age 89, Viguerie works 11-12 a day, 5 ½ days a week, in addition to serving as chairman of his 90-person marketing agency, he serves as the chairman of and

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