DockATot Addresses the Brand's Next Generation in the United States

Luxury juvenile brand shares its forward-looking strategic direction, addresses recent headlines

WILMINGTON, N.C., Nov. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Wildchild Stockholm, Inc (dba DockATot) is sharing its strategic direction for the brand in the US market, given the evolving regulatory landscape and expectations for the next generation of parenting essentials. DockATot is addressing the implications of the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) sweeping announcement related to the Infant Sleep Product Rule. The brand is also clarifying how the standard impacts DockATot's Deluxe+ lounger and detailing the strategic direction the firm has been working toward to further meet the needs of parents across the planet.

We lead our categories in product testing, research, and contribution to the development of product safety standards.

"We lead our categories in product testing, research, and contribution to the development of product safety standards. We have closely followed the evolution of the Safety Standard for Infant Sleep Product Rule since its inception." Trip Coyne, CEO of DockATot. "We have worked closely with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to thoroughly understand compliance for products in our category and the implications for a unique product like our Deluxe+ dock, particularly since we ceased marketing our product as an infant sleep solution in 2020. Earlier this year, we opted to discontinue production of our Deluxe+ docks rather than redesign them with legs and high sides, which are aspects of the bassinet standard that is now being applied to most newly made US infant products." 

In an effort to offer further transparency and help demystify some recent unsettling headlines related to the matter:

  • The Deluxe+ dock has not been recalled nor has a stop sale been issued. The issue at hand is specific to Deluxe+ docks manufactured on or after June 23, 2022. DockATot voluntarily ceased manufacturing and chose to not sell Deluxe+ docks in the US that were made later than June 23, 2022. Prior to making its decision to not sell Deluxe+ docks made after June 23, a small number of docks made after this date were shipped to the United States but were never offered for sale. This was done after multiple inquiries and meetings with CPSC officials to ensure that no concerns existed with the ongoing production of these goods. While DockATot decided that it would no longer make the Deluxe+ dock for the US market prior to and independent of any notice of violation from the CPSC, the CPSC chose to issue and publicize a notice of violation regarding these units. DockATot disagrees with the Notice of Violation and feels misrepresented by the agency's statements but will continue to work with the CPSC in good faith in hopes of resolving any concerns it may have.
  • The Deluxe+ dock is a beloved, multifunctional product used around the world by more than one million families. It has not been promoted or intended for sleep for at least the past two years. A sleeping infant should be placed in a bassinet, cradle, crib, or play yard. We are committed to staying at the forefront of global safety standards to ensure the Deluxe+ dock can be enjoyed as a safe and practical family essential in the international markets we serve. For more guidelines on safe use of the Deluxe_ dock, please see here.
  • We know of tragic deaths that have occurred while a dock was in use, but, while we continue to investigate and learn, do not believe the dock to have been the cause of any such incidents. In our research and development, we study safety incidents across all products, including docks, dock-like products, cribs, cradles, bassinets, play yards, and other settings. This is heavy but very necessary work as we seek to learn from all incidents and design toward the safest products. Unfortunately, in infant deaths associated with sleep we frequently do not know what leads to each tragedy and there is often not consensus among experts about how products can further reduce risks. What we do know:
    • The vast majority of incidents and deaths in baby products involve sleep. These deaths occur across all products.
    • Babies fall asleep everywhere, so vigilance is important.
    • Babies are significantly safer sleeping on their backs than their bellies.
    • Loose items in the sleep environment, like blankets and pillows, present suffocation hazards.
    • Bedsharing is common and overlay (the act of someone else sleeping in the bed rolling onto the baby) is the primary hazard of bedsharing.
    • Firm surfaces are better than soft surfaces for sleep.
    • Flat sleep surfaces are better than angled or upright surfaces.
    • Most infant sleep deaths come down to unsafe settings, such as soft blankets, inclined support surfaces, or additional padding being added to the sleep surface.

Improving product safety requires diligent study of and adherence to data.  Whether it be a manufacturer or a regulator, anyone who deems a product safe or unsafe based on gut feelings or loose analogies is creating the risk of unintended consequences. We believe our Deluxe+ dock to remain the most tested juvenile lounger on the market.  We invest significantly in testing and research and, among other things, test for rebreathing, air permeability, and firmness.  We also work with leading researchers to study babies who fall asleep in our products.  Regardless, we have voluntarily chosen to no longer make Deluxe+ docks for the US market and will cease sales in the US when our current inventory runs out.

Furthermore, the shift in strategic direction has offered the team renewed focus on a new product line coming to market in early 2023. Leveraging the learnings from the close work with product standards, the next generation from DockATot doubles down on safety, function, style … and now also sustainability. As always, consumers can expect the unexpected as these new products come to life over the coming months, as DockATot once again disrupts the juvenile industry with groundbreaking innovation.

About DockATot

Born and bred in Europe and now enjoyed across the world, DockATot is celebrated for their handcrafted, artisanal approach in designing multi-functioning, modern and ultra-stylish products for the whole family. Fashion, function, and safety were never compromised as DockATot entered new categories across the home, juvenile sleep essentials, feeding pillows, and more.

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