"Click Chemistry" Concept Inspires BiOLinkMatrix by HALLURA™: the Next Generation of HA Dermal Fillers

Harnessing the 2022 Nobel Prize Awarded Click Chemistry Concept, Hallura's Products Revolutionize the Way Hyaluronic Acid is Crosslinked in Dermal Fillers

YOKNEAM, Israel, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hallura Ltd., an Israeli aesthetic medical company, announced today that its proprietary technology named the BiOLinkMatrix platform was inspired by the 2022 Nobel Prize for Click Chemistry. Harnessing this concept, Hallura's products revolutionize the way Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is cross-linked in dermal fillers for great elasticity and tolerance while being biodegradable and highly safe. 

The 2022 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to K. Barry Sharpless of Scripps Research, Morten Meldal of the University of Copenhagen and Carolyn R. Bertozzi of Stanford University for their envision of "Click" Bio-Orthogonal chemistry. They laid the foundation of an ingenious way of building molecules, like snapping Lego together that transformed how chemists think about linking molecules together. Click Chemistry is now widely used by researchers to explore topics such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.

Hallura harnessed this advanced concept in its proprietary BiOLinkMatrix platform to revolutionize the way HA is crosslinked in Dermal Fillers. Typical HA dermal fillers are cross-linked via the chemical BDDE, or other epoxides, activated under harsh conditions with very little control over concurrent damage to the HA polymer.

The precise bio-orthogonal cross-linking developed at Hallura, allows an exceptionally low modification of the native HA polymer. This sustains the innate long polymer chains of the HA and reduces side reactions or by-products. As a result, Hallura's products are closer to the pristine HA in youthful skin.

Hallura's advanced product line for aesthetic applications, includes treatments for skin rejuvenation, fine and deep lines smoothing, and volume restoration in lips and mid-face. The products have undergone pre-clinical and clinical trials in Europe with excellent efficacy and safety outcomes.

"We attribute the exceptional safety and natural outcomes of our products to the use of bio-orthogonal chemistry," said Dr. Stephane Meunier, co-founder and CEO of Hallura. "This preserves the native properties of the biopolymer well in contrast to the typical harsh cross-linking method used by the other players in the dermal fillers market for improved performance."

About Hallura Ltd.

Hallura Ltd. a portfolio company of Alon Medtech Ventures owned by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, brings a disruptive HA technology to the fast-growing aesthetic injectables market using proprietary HA crosslinking technology, not involving BDDE. Hallura's HA dermal fillers answer the growing demand for better, safer fillers with natural and soft aesthetic results.

Founded in November 2017 by Dr. Stéphane Meunier, Mrs. Alona Gellerman, Dr. Per Hedén and Dr. Shimon Eckhouse and with its headquarters, R&D, and manufacturing in Yokneam Israel.

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Dr. Stephane Meunier
Chief Executive Officer at Hallura
Email: stephane@hallura.com 

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