Polygraph Reminds Advertisers To Block Click Fraud Websites


BERLIN, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Polygraph, a cybersecurity company specializing in click fraud detection, is reminding advertisers to block click fraud websites from being able to display or click on their ads.

Click fraud is an online scam which steals tens of billions of dollars from innocent advertisers each year. Criminals create websites for the purpose of displaying online ads, and use bots and trickery to generate fake clicks on the ads. For each of these clicks, the advertiser pays money to the advertising network, and the advertising network shares the money with the scammers.

There are tens of thousands of click fraud websites generating millions of fake clicks each day.

According to Trey Vanes, chief marketing officer at Polygraph, advertisers can prevent click fraud by blocking scam websites from being able to display or click on their ads.

"Polygraph uses advanced click fraud detection to analyze ad clicks for fraud," said Vanes. "When our system detects click fraud, it's able to see which website sent the fake click. In other words, Polygraph knows which websites are doing click fraud, and we share this data with our customers."

Advertising networks, such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, allow advertisers to block scam websites from displaying their ads.

"The ad networks have a thing called placement exclusions lists - also known as website exclusions lists - which are simple text boxes where you can paste lists of websites, effectively banning those websites from displaying your ads.

"Using the click fraud website data provided by Polygraph, advertisers can block click fraud websites from displaying or clicking on their ads, resulting in drastically reduced rates of click fraud," said Vanes. "We have customers who have reduced their monthly click fraud cost to virtually zero."

According to Vanes, blocking click fraud websites is an important skill every advertiser should know.

"Knowing how to block click fraud websites protects your ads from fake clicks, saves your company money, and stops lining the pockets of scammers," said Vanes.

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About Polygraph

Established in Berlin, Germany in 2021, Polygraph monitors the activities of click fraud gangs, including how they operate, who they target, the techniques they use, and how to detect their fraud. We go far beyond bot detection to ensure your ad budget is not stolen by cyber-criminals.

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