Solex Posture Roller Is A New Foam Roller That Active People Will Never Break-Up With

California physical therapist launches first-of-its kind foam roller that a healthy body will love

Scores of online platforms, box stores, sporting good stores, and specialty yoga studios are now ‘rolling’ in the money with a hot commodity: foam rollers.  

People trip over them all the time at home, at the gym, and, in some cases, at work. 


Many brands claim that their foam rollers allow exercises that are intended to make a fantastic addition to self-healing repertoire.  

Many also claim that this tension release technique safely and effectively relieves tightness, tension, and pain in their back, and even helps increase joint range of motion.   

And then there are brands who say that their rollers are ideal for exercises in conjunction with other healing approaches, like acupuncture, massage, or hot and cold therapy.  

Buyer beware. Do not believe everything that is presented.  

Sure, foam rollers are intended for better health and well-being, but they might actually be causing more harm than good for the bodies, says a California-based physical therapist.   

Meet Dr. Aman Dhaliwal PT, DPT, a senior and notable Physical Therapist in California, who has seen tons of patients use all sorts of foam rollers to help cure their sore muscles and spine to no avail.  

Highly specialized in the care of the visceral, pelvic, and musculoskeletal system, Dr. Dhaliwal has seen first-hand her patients’ real struggle: the foam rollers they are using are not actually designed to effectively help improve their spine health to further enhance overall body performance. Especially in regard to the human spine, typical rollers are flat, but human spine is comprised of multiple curves.  Spinal disorders may develop as these curves experience wear and tear over time, which reduces the spine’s ability to protect posture and nerves that control all our essential bodily functions, such as sleeping, digestion, breathing, etc.  

Seeing a growing problem, the young healthcare professional has found a solution.  

Enter Solex – a first-of-its-kind foam roller that will soon dominate the market. 

Frustrated with seeing her patients’ setbacks, Dr. Dhaliwal got to work a couple of years ago developing a foam roller that would work well for everyone.  

“The real problem with traditional rollers is that they don’t have a curve, which means that the more the flat roller is used for neck and back issues, the more human spine and body despises them,” she explains. “So, instead of complaining or worrying about a problem, I decided to do something about it and create my own foam roller, one that will benefit our bodies on many levels. Solex is proven to work and help preserve the spinal curves.” 

Solex, which is now a patented product, is unique and innovative in its style and design. It has curves that align with the spine which helps better relieve neck and back pain and tension while also helping keep the body in top form.  

“I became a physical therapist because I wanted to help people be healthy and active,” says Dr. Dhaliwal.  

“I have seen my patients suffer from neck and back pain and even my son who loves using technology in general but forgets about his posture, so I set out to create a product that would have a positive difference in the lives of others. My goal is to help make the world a better place for everyone, and Solex is one chapter in my career to improve patients’ health,” she smiles. 

Solex is expected to launch on the market soon, so get one soon as it is a foam roller that no active person will break up with, according to those who have already tried it out. 

“People love the concept of Solex,” she says. “They like how it quickly corrects their posture by connecting their entire spine and makes a positive impact on their physiological and psychological status: they feel calm and relaxed, it’s easy to use, it is comfortable, and it great for your spine and overall health. Good posture is crucial for spine health which is so important and once people use Solex, then there is no going back.”  


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