EscapeWelt Launches Force of Elements, Collectible Plexiglass Puzzles Provide Escape Room Fun At Home

The Force of Elements' four plexiglass puzzles recreate the tension and thrills of an escape room, can also be used as unique decor pieces, or to hide gifts and items in a secret compartment.

LEIPZIG, Germany (PRWEB) September 28, 2022

Overcome brain-teasing obstacles and solve riveting riddles from the comfort of home with EscapeWelt's plexiglass puzzle, Force of Elements. Launching today, Force of Elements features puzzles that have been enjoyed by more than 250,000 people, upgraded from its original handmade wooden design to a new, plexiglass version that creates the ultimate collection.

Building on the success of their Fort Knox Pro and House of Dragon puzzles, EscapeWelt created Force of Elements to replicate the thrill of their escape rooms, from the comfort of home. Enjoy all of the tricks, riddles and brain-stimulating challenges by solving each puzzle in order to reach the secret compartment where the respective force is hidden. All four puzzles must be solved individually, in order to collect the forces and combine them into the Force of Elements:

Fort Knox Pro: Solve the blue plexiglass puzzle by traversing ice caves and overcoming obstacles in order to gain the force of water.

House of the Dragon: Solve the red plexiglass puzzle by going through fiery trials that the Dragon has prepared in order to gain the force of fire.

Pyramid: Solve the yellow plexiglass puzzle by overcoming traps and hot sand in order to gain the force of the Earth.

Orbital Box: Solve the purple plexiglass puzzle by decoding tangled ciphers, balancing a spacecraft and making an intergalactic jump in order to gain the force of air.

Each puzzle that makes up the Force of Elements is crafted by expert engineers who have hand-picked puzzles and multi-level tasks that are designed to challenge players 14-and-older. On average, Each puzzle may take between 60-90 minutes to solve and comes with tips and instructions to assist, as needed.

The Force of Elements can also be used as unique decor or to hide gifts and items in the secret compartment. Users can either take time to access the secret compartment by solving all of the riddles or access the secret compartment quickly, by using a code provided with the puzzle.

The puzzles within the Force of Elements collection are handmade with colored plexiglass to represent each respective element.

"The biggest misconception in the world is that everything is complicated when, in fact, there's always a way out," said Egor Volvich, CEO of EscapeWelt. Force of Elements provides everyone with a fun way out. – "Our mission is to reach one billion people around the globe with our message of how important it is to always keep playing."

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About EscapeWelt
EscapeWelt creates hand-made puzzles and toys that bring the enjoyment of escape rooms to the peoples home. After years of successful escape rooms in Germany, the EscapeWelt team began sending out newly crafted puzzles to people around the world during the pandemic so they could still enjoy the thrill and excitement of their intellectual games at home. The company has made and sold more than 250 thousand puzzles in 30+ countries.

After their original puzzles became a hit, EscapeWelt successfully launched their two wooden puzzles (Fort Knox Pro & House of Dragon) on Kickstarter. The excitement from backers for additional puzzles made the team realize they could create a new, enhanced and collectable version to combine the experience of their favorite toys, plus more. For more information, visit

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