GrillGirl and GrillGrate Host Women's Grilling Clinic with Cast of Celebrity BBQ Chefs to Empower More Women to Learn to Grill

"GrillGirl" Robyn Lindars, the female Grilling blogger behind, is hosting a grilling class and wine pairing dinner specifically for women with some of the most successful female Chefs in BBQ, to change the narrative around women and grilling and encourage more women to discover cooking outdoors over fire.

FORT MYERS, Fla., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "GrillGirl" Robyn Lindars, The Grilling Blogger and influencer behind, announced The GrillGirl GrillGrate Women's Grilling Clinic Event will be hosted at her ranch in SouthWest Florida featuring some of Grilling and BBQ's most successful female Chefs on Saturday, October 22nd in North Fort Myers, FL to empower more women to learn to grill.

Women in Grilling, A Missed Opportunity (Source: Statista):

  • In the US, 7 out of 10 households own a grill.
  • The global market revenue for grills and roasters is projected to go over 7 billion USD by the end of 2022.
  • However, grilling is still predominantly a man's activity, with 44% of males tend to do the grilling, versus 22% of women.
  • Research shows that 62% of women are much more experimental with grilling than their male counterparts.

"It's crazy to me that in 2022 when Women do everything a guy can do, we still have gender roles when it comes to grilling. There is such a missed opportunity for women to experience how fun it is to cook outdoors over fire and I'm here to share this with them. Plus, I find grilling to be a therapeutic experience, like free therapy that gives the benefit of less dishes than cooking indoors in the kitchen," said "GrillGirl" Robyn Lindars.

To show the importance of Women Supporting Women and that Women can be successful behind the grill, Robyn has brought in some of the most successful women in BBQ to help teach the class:

  • Sunny Moody: 2022 World Steaks Cook Off Champion and Competition Cook
  • Brooke Lewis: 2X Winner of Memphis In May World Championship BBQ Cook Off, Winner of Discovery Channel's "Smoked" Competition, Kingsford's "Girls That Grill" Competition Winner and Owner of The Shed Blues and BBQ Restaurant
  • Erica Roby: "aka Blue Smoke Blair"- Winner of The Food Network's Master of Cue, Sommelier and Lawyer

"I'm super excited to participate in this event that will show other women how fun and easy it is to grill. Those taking the class will come away inspired to try all kinds of dishes and techniques at home and will learn that smoke accentuates all kinds of dishes, including veggies and even smoked cocktails, which Robyn is known for," said Brooke Lewis, Owner of the Shed BBQ and Blue Joint and instructor at the class.

"We are so proud of Robyn and all the GRATE women of the BBQ and Grilling world. We're thrilled to be part of this event and help further the cause of getting more women around the grill." – Meagan Bryson, Director of Partnerships, GrillGrate

Women in attendance will learn how to grill on all kinds of grills available in the market today so they can figure out which style is most suitable for their preferences and lifestyle. The event will feature 8 different grill stations, like circuit training for grills, where each grill will have a recipe and wine pairing so all class attendees will not only get exposed to grilling, but will have plenty of foolproof recipes to try at home.

The current class includes learning on an Aspire by Hestan Gas Grill, a Weber Kettle using Kingsford Charcoal, a Big Green Egg, a Green Mountain Grill Pellet Smoker, a Loco Cooker Flat Top Style Grill, a Nuke Argentinian American Asado Style Grill, and a MasterPRO Pizza Oven. All grills will be outfitted with GRILLGRATES for even cooking and epic charmarks, while each recipe and grill station will have a Siduri or JM Family Wine Pairing. Prime Beef for the event is offered by Meatworks.

The morning following the clinic, there will be a W Sauce Bloody Mary Goat Yoga Event for attendees and all guests who have come to Fort Myers from out of town.

"From the day humans harnessed fire, women have been grilling! We must continue passing our knowledge among our sisters or else we will become just a footnote in someone else's history!" said Erica Roby, Food Network's Master of Cue Winner.

Robyn created the Women's Grilling clinic at the inception of her blog in 2008 when she discovered grilling for herself and wanted to pass this experience on to other women in the male dominated world of grilling. Since then, she has grown to be a major grilling recipe destination, appeared on the Food Network and the Today Show, Competed at the Superbowl of Swine, written a cookbook, became a certified Steak Cook offs judge, and launched her own BBQ Rub. But the goal remains the same: To change the narrative around women in grilling. Sign up for the Clinic at For more information, please reach out to Robyn directly via email or phone.

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