Royalton Games Celebrates One Year of Yammer Card Game Fun

Launched during the COVID-19 lock downs, a new card game captures the attention of word game enthusiasts and card players alike.

CHICAGO, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --Royalton Games is celebrating its first full year of Yammer card game fun. Launched in 2021, Yammer Word Game has found a passionate audience among word game enthusiasts and card players alike.

"We're excited to pass the one-year milestone," says Chuck Roichek, president of Royalton Games. "We had the crazy idea to create a card game during the COVID-19 lock downs, but had no idea how it would be received. With Yammer, we've tapped into game players looking for something fresh in the game aisle – something fun for kids and adults that everyone can learn to play in less than 5 minutes."

Yammer appeals to a large audience by combining the wide appeal of word games with the ease and familiarity of card play. A Yammer Word Game deck consists of 108 bridge sized cards with two suits of letter cards (each suit is a distinct color, and each letter has a designated point score), along with wildcards and multiplier cards.

Yammer Word Game rules are simple:

  • The objective is to be the player with the highest point score.
  • Points are scored by forming words from cards in your hand and cards on the table.
  • Same color words score double.
  • Multiplier cards further increase your score.

"Yammer was heavily influenced by our love of word games and playing cards," continues Mr. Roichek. "After much refining and play testing, Yammer was born."

While fun and challenging with a unique take on word games, the beauty of Yammer is its simplicity and flexibility. The 1 – 6 player game is designed for ages 8 and up, with rules that can be adjusted to individual player skill-levels. It's perfect for family game night or a party with friends, and many educators have found it useful in the classroom.

In addition to Yammer, the versatile deck can also be used to play other fun games such as Yammer Rummy, Yammer 500 Rummy, Yammer Solitaire, and word scrambles. The possibilities are endless, and the company encourages players to create – and share – new games using the Yammer deck.

Yammer Word Game can be purchased on Amazon,, and

"Thanks to all the Yammer fans out there who have made the game a success. We are encouraged by your fantastic reviews, and we look forward to many more years of game playing fun ahead," concludes Mr. Roichek. "There's nothing better than bringing friends and family together over a good game, and I hope Yammer creates some lasting memories. It's all been extremely rewarding."


Born from the crazy idea to create a card game during the COVID-19 pandemic, Royalton Games is an independent game maker based in Chicago, IL, USA. The company's mission is to create fun, family-friendly games perfect for family game night or a gathering with friends. The company's first game – called Yammer – has found success by combining the wide appeal of word games with the ease of card play. Yammer Word Game is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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