Growing Vines on a Pergola Creates a Living Canopy That Makes Outdoor Spaces More Naturally Beautiful. Here's How to Do It

SYDNEY, Sept. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to Softwoods, a community-minded and environmentally conscious company specialising in DIY pergola and decking kits, the best plants for around a pergola are those which are sturdy, easy to care for and leafy enough to create adequate shade. 

Fast growing vines that are good for creating a blanket of shade include Boston ivy and Virginia creeper. Softwoods explains that these hardy plants can grow in virtually any conditions and growth is usually quite quick. 

Covering the pergola in flowers is an eye-catching way to bring beauty to the outdoor space, says Softwoods. Climbing roses have strong vines and produce beautiful blooms in varying colours. These types of plants will need a bit more help climbing, so Softwoods recommends using timber screening for them to latch onto.

On the other hand, English ivy grows aggressively and can pull apart structures and impede the growth of other plants, explains Softwoods. Wisteria is poisonous to pets so isn't a safe option for households with dogs or cats.

Prepping soil appropriately, taking into consideration the acidity of the soil and the moisture content the vines will need is an important step in the process, says Softwoods. Climbing plants will likely need some training, such as pruning, bending and tying to encourage them to cover the desired area. They should be planted at the base of the pergola and as they begin to sprout tall enough to reach the post, wrapping the tendrils around the post will encourage the right growth. Once they reach the top of the pergola, they'll need to be tied across the pergola to attach properly. Using a net or screening can also help to guide the vines in the right direction. Softwoods recommends pruning climbing plants in the spring to encourage fuller growth and help direct coverage and shape. 

Specialising in DIY and custom-built pergolas, decking, carports, fences and more, Softwoods helps homeowners bring their dream outdoor space to life. For more information, contact Softwoods today. For more information, call us now at (08) 8346 1499.

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