DriveSmart Warranty: The Best Extended Vehicle Warranties

Most new vehicles come with a manufacturer warranty covering a wide range of repairs. However, these warranties only provide coverage for a set number of time/miles driven. Once  manufacturer warranty has expired, the car owner will need to purchase an extended warranty to ensure that any expensive repairs their vehicle requires are still covered.

To help drivers choose the best-extended warranty for their needs, here’s a look at some of the top tips from the warranty experts at DriveSmart Warranty on what to look for in extended vehicle warranties.

Consider Who Stands Behind the Warranty

Unfortunately, many third-party companies offering extended vehicle warranties are not always reliable when upholding their end of the bargain. Many are outright scammers with no intention of ever doing anything but taking the driver’s money. When shopping for an extended warranty, choosing a trusted and reliable provider is essential. DriveSmart Warranty has been featured by the Better Business Bureau and NBC News, among other outlets, and is widely considered one of the most trustworthy third-party providers of extended vehicle warranties on the market today.

Research What the Warranty Covers

When purchasing an extended warranty, it is crucial to read the fine print and carefully research what the warranty covers. Many extended warranty providers get away with selling warranties that only provide minimal coverage. In addition to researching what is covered by the warranty, it is also important for drivers to research their deductible and if the warranty specifies what repair shops they can take their vehicle to if it needs repairs.

Shop Around for the Best Price

DriveSmart Warranty is a company that prides itself on offering some of the most affordable rates in the extended vehicle warranty industry. With this being the case, DriveSmart openly encourages their customers to shop around and compare rates to the rates of other competitors. Comparing prices is sure to benefit any driver shopping for an extended vehicle warranty. In many cases, the price of an extended warranty can vary dramatically from company to company, even if each company’s coverage is relatively the same. For those who want to get as much bang as possible, it’s crucial to to spend some time shopping for the best price.


An extended vehicle warranty offers a lot of value, providing drivers with peace of mind knowing that any expensive repairs their vehicle might require are covered. When shopping for the best-extended vehicle warranty, though, it is important to take one’s time and research their options. By following the tips outlined above, drivers should be able to find a warranty from a reputable company that offers the coverage needed at a reasonable price.

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