How CodeCrew is Leveraging Conscious Capitalism To Create A Better World

How CodeCrew's commitment to ethical profit is deep-rooted in our beautiful planet, by planting at least one tree per campaign for each of their clients, thanks to their partnership with One Tree Planted.

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- From day one, the founders of CodeCrew made it their mission to not only become the best email marketing agency in the world, but to ensure that that world is thriving, too. And as of this month, CodeCrew celebrates a sustainable milestone - planting their 5000th tree across the globe.

Thanks to their partnership with One Tree Planted CodeCrew has seen their commitment to reforestation come to fruition by planting a tree for every single email campaign the company creates.

"CodeCrew shares our belief that we can all do our part to help in healing the planet, and we are excited to be partnering with them to further our impact. Through this partnership we will be able to plant more trees and benefit people, nature, and biodiversity." - Ashley Lamontagne, Forest Campaign Manager at One Tree Planted .

As of mid-2022, CodeCrew has also recently onboarded a new pro-bono NGO aligned with the values of sustainability and conscious consumerism; We Got This. Previous pro-bono clients include California Wilderness Coalition, and Planet Bee Foundation.

With a renewed commitment to support brands that share CodeCrew's passion for the environment, they have also partnered with three new sustainably-minded brands this August - Simpls, DND Gel and Wallace Farms.

Says CodeCrew co-founder, Alexander Melone: "Business is a tool that can be used in a bunch of different ways and has so much power to do good. For us founders, we didn't even think twice about using business to drive some sort of positive change in the world, it really was a no-brainer and something we all felt strongly about doing."

As proudly conscious capitalists, CodeCrew encourages all like-minded business owners to join them on their mission to prove that profit and responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

Says Melone, "Together we can be the agents of change for a better, greener, more sustainable world. After all, the planet is our biggest asset."

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