New Fiery DFE for imagePRESS Lite C270 Series Printers Helps Bring Professional-Quality Color Print to the Workplace

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Electronics For Imaging, Inc. is introducing a powerful new EFI™ Fiery® digital front end (DFE) that helps make it easy for businesses to produce professional color prints and to bring print back in house, which can help limit the time and cost of outsourcing. The new Fiery-powered DFE – the imagePRESS® Server M20 – is a great choice for excellent color quality for workplace users to unleash the capabilities of the Canon imagePRESS Lite C270 Series and enhance output quality and color management. New Fiery TrueBrand™ technology included with the DFE gives users outstanding control and accuracy in reproducing corporate brand colors using Microsoft® Office applications, a task that was previously a challenge for many office workers.

"Adding the advanced Fiery DFE technology to the imagePRESS Lite C270 Series printers from Canon can provide customers with excellent quality and even greater control over their output," said Shinichi "Sam" Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A., Inc. "The new, user-friendly imagePRESS Server M20 can help users to produce professional-looking output while limiting the need to outsource, and gives users the power to easily reproduce accurate brand colors in workplace documents."

Available now, the imagePRESS Server M20 supports and enhances the imagePRESS C270 Series' output quality to help meet professional printing needs in the workplace. It is also great for use in graphics shops and corporate in-plant production centers, as a walk-up device or with an operator. The core Fiery technology used on the server, EFI's Fiery FS500 platform, gives users the power to quickly and efficiently handle complex printing needs with simple, intuitive tools.

"EFI Fiery – a leading DFE solution in print – makes getting terrific looking color prints easy and fast; and the new, Fiery-based server reduces the time needed to accurately print documents, including complex files and color-critical PDFs," said John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. "The server's Fiery capabilities means users can have the ability to reduce outsourcing costs and make great impressions in print with high quality newsletters, sales flyers, booklets, corporate stationery, tradeshow promotions, personalized communications and more."

Print it right, the first time, with outstanding color quality
The imagePRESS Server M20 includes a powerful Fiery JobExpert™ software option that makes professional printing easy with its ability to automatically choose the optimal and most efficient way to produce every job.

Additional features include:

  • Upgraded security, including secure erase and data encryption that can help users protect company assets;
  • Fiery Edge™, an advanced and automated color profiling tool that helps provide stunning colors with smooth blends, outstanding shadow details, and superb image definition for even less experienced users;
  • Personalization capabilities using EFI's award-winning variable-data print application, Fiery FreeForm™ Create; and
  • Fiery VUE, which simplifies the process for assembling multiple files into a single document.

In addition to the operational improvements that come with the new Fiery FS500 DFE platform, customers can benefit from the streamlined and efficient control and management capabilities of version 6.7 of Fiery Command WorkStation® – a widely used digital printing job management interface. Using Fiery Command WorkStation, users and managers alike can manage and submit jobs to any Fiery Driven™ printer on the network from a single desktop interface.

The imagePRESS Server M20 is available now from Canon U.S.A., Inc. and authorized Canon U.S.A., Inc. dealers. For more information about EFI Fiery Driven™ products, visit or contact 800-875-7117. 

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