Limitless Guided Visualizations App Partners with International Regenerative Medicine Provider BioReset Medical®️ to Improve Patient Outcomes

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limitless Guided Visualizations™ ("Limitless") today announced its first partnership with BioReset Medical®️, an international network of regenerative medicine clinics, to provide a first-of-its-kind approach to ketamine therapy. The audio journeys in the Limitless Guided Visualizations app help patients navigate their mindset during treatments and give providers a way to support their patients' integration between treatments.

"Limitless is an invaluable addition to our multi-modality treatment approach. We believe that empowering patients to actively participate in their mental health journey is an important part of the healing process. Limitless helps our patients to prepare for their ketamine therapy, navigate their mindset during sessions and provides a safe container for them to continue to do the work in-between treatments," said Matt Cook, MD, founder of BioReset Medical®️.

Limitless teaches the Metacognitive Healing Methodology, which evokes awareness of one's thought processes and helps them understand the patterns behind their thoughts, using a variety of techniques proven to alter states of consciousness. By changing the relationship patients have with themselves and their perspectives on life, their sources of trauma can be revealed and transformed.

The BioReset Medical®️ ‘Stress Reset' treatment packages integrate advanced medical techniques (including ketamine and stellate ganglion blocks) with added cognitive support through the Limitless app. These packages are designed to support patients with: chronic illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, mood disorders, emotional distress, chronic pain, and repetitive thoughts.

Benefits seen by patients may include:

  • Establishing a mindset for healthy internal dialogue
  • Improving the body's ability to heal itself by calming fight/flight/freeze/fawn reactions
  • Becoming aware of unproductive/unhelpful thought patterns
  • Creating new neural pathways that help the brain adapt, learn and create new memories

"The interconnectedness of mental health and physical health is often overlooked in current treatment models. We are thrilled to partner with BioReset Medical®️ visionaries who provide world-class regenerative medicine to their patients. Incorporating Metacognitive Healing™ in their treatment approach demonstrates their well-earned title of ‘thought leaders," said Cali, the founder of Limitless Guided Visualizations and creator of the Metacognitive Healing Methodology™.

Every BioReset patient who medically qualifies for the Stress Reset package receives a year of premium access to the Limitless Guided Visualizations mobile app to support their healing journey. The packages include an initial series of eight ketamine therapy sessions, typically completed in 4-8 weeks, with the potential for booster treatments as needed.

During treatment, patients are set up in a comfortable recliner and are invited to listen to music or select a 90+ minute journey on the Limitless Guided Visualizations™ app. Then, they put on an eye mask and ‘float' through their infusion over the course of an hour or so. In-app themes for these profound healing experiences include safety, wellness, love, resilience, presence, and flow. Patients are also encouraged to utilize the app in-between ketamine therapy sessions to develop skills in achieving personal clarity through 10+ minute Mindset Microdoses, which are brief foundational lessons of the techniques used in the longer journeys.

Limitless's partnership model is adaptable and easy to roll out. "Limitless was designed to improve treatment efficacy in many different environments: ketamine clinics, float spas, wellness centers, IV clinics, functional medicine clinics and beyond," said Cali.

Limitless Guided Visualizations™ amplify psychedelic and medicine-based treatments but are not exclusive to in-clinic experiences. This lifestyle and wellness app has distilled decades of clinical expertise into an accessible model to help people access naturally altered states with or without medicine. Limitless is free to download in the App Store and on Google Play. The premium access content that BioReset's patients receive includes an extended menu of guided visualizations, which can also be purchased directly through the app.

About Limitless

Limitless Guided Visualizations™ is a lifestyle and wellness app that empowers people to become the champion of their own personal health journeys. The Metacognitive Healing Methodology™ that Limitless teaches, leverages decades of clinical experience to help people access naturally altered states. In-app guided visualizations support a shift in consciousness through a whole body-being experience that draws on lessons from both psychedelic medicine and established health and wellness solutions. Cali, the founder of Limitless, developed the Metacognitive Healing Methodology™ in 2001 and began testing in a clinical setting in 2018.

About BioReset Medical

BioReset Medical®️ is an expanding network of visionary clinics where practitioners aim to be as non-invasive as possible, believing that the body performs a natural function of healing when supported by real care and the best technology. Profound and dynamic practitioner-patient relationships support the entire healing process via their concierge regenerative medicine model. Every treatment plan is personalized to each patient's unique health needs and is designed to address issues at their root rather than treating individual symptoms as they arise.

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