Red House Named a 2022 Top US B2B Marketing Agency

Red House, an award-winning marketing firm celebrating its 21st year, has been named a top agency by B2B Marketing in their recently released "The B2B Marketing US Agencies Benchmarking Report 2022."

The report recognizes the top B2B agencies based on capabilities, financial performance and employee headcount, and serves as a comprehensive guide for B2B marketers who are evaluating the agency landscape and potential partners.

The agency credits twenty years of results, driven by marketing, technology and sales, as the primary reason leading brands choose the firm. "We appreciate B2B Marketing for recognizing Red House in the 2022 top US agency list, and for the time and effort that goes into the annual benchmarking report to help marketers identify their ideal agency partners," said Steve Reeves, a partner with the firm.

The benchmarking report also includes an article by Red House, on the role that content plays in generating visibility, authority and credibility throughout the sales process. The article, "How does your content align to sales?" may be accessed at

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Red House B2B Marketing helps clients achieve their goals through strategic, data-driven marketing programs that drive profitable results. The agency is a full-service firm offering integrated solutions like account-based marketing, content and digital marketing, and services such as analytics, automation, creative and website development. To learn more, visit

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