Woofmeets Will Have Lower Service Fees than Competing Pet Care Websites

Woofmeets, a forthcoming pet care provider, will have lower fees than its competitors in this niche. The company will connect pet owners with sitters who can provide walks, feeding, medication, grooming, and other services.

Woofmeets will employ pet care specialists who cater to a pet owner’s dog, cat, or more exotic animals. In addition to walks, playtime, and drop-in house visits, the site will also allow owners to set up boarding for their pets whenever they leave town.

For Woofmeets, a reduction in pet sitter fees is a key selling point. The company polled pet owners who knew about or had previously used similar services, such as Wag and Rover. The creators noted that pet owners and animal care providers didn’t like the high service fees these entities charged.

Woofmeets will charge lower service fees than Rover or Wag. Owners will pay less for the services their animal needs. Pet sitters will keep more of the money they bring in, letting them make a more comfortable living.

Pet sitters make about $16 per hour in the US, on average. Some earn as much as $1,000 per month. Woofmeets will allow them to make more. Some will support themselves exclusively through pet sitting if they work for the company full-time.

Looking at Wag and Rover’s service fees reveals the main issue pet owners and sitters have with these brands. Wag provides earnings based on a list of services the pet sitter provides. They take a 40% cut in service fees, though.

Rover lets pet sitters come up with their own rates for services. Their downside is that the company takes a 20% service fee with every booking.

Woofmeets will come in at a lower price point. They will charge a flat 9% service fee if a pet sitter is not part of their subscription plan. There are a couple of additional service models that will let the sitter lower that fee, though.

With the company’s free basic plan, a sitter will pay the 9% service fee. However, if they subscribe to a Woofmeets monthly membership plan, that will lower the fee. The company’s top-tier option lets sitters eliminate their portion of the service fee entirely.

If a sitter does not want to purchase a subscription, they can still save on fees. The more bookings the sitter accrues within a given month, the less they will pay. A sitter with 51-80 bookings per month would pay just a 6% service fee. The sitter would pay 1.5% of that fee, with the pet owner paying the other 4.5%

Pet owners would pay a 4.5% service charge per booking, plus the sitter’s fees. Woofmeets guarantees transparent pricing for pet owners for all of their available services.

With Woofmeets, pet owners and sitters should have a more equitable experience. The app and website will feature an easy-to-understand pricing structure and 24/7 support for pet sitters and owners. The site will go live on November 1st.

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