New York Through the Eyes of a Poetic Philanthropist: The Story of Lucas Hunt

Lucas Hunt is the president of HUNT Philanthropy and an American poet with nationwide renown. Hunt recently released a book entitled New York.

According to Edgar Allan Poe, “Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” Lucas Hunt, the president of HUNT Philanthropy, finds beauty in giving back to those in need. As a Midwesterner with a generous nature and exquisite speaking skills, Mr. Hunt has managed to bring his poetic spirit and philanthropic visions into equilibrium. 

Lucas Hunt is a graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering and one of the most prolific Benefit Auctioneer Specialists on the planet. He’s broken innumerable fund-raising records, and proven to his peers, colleagues, and contemporaries that his understanding of donor psychology is just as sharp as his literary skills. And it all goes back to Iowa.

Mr. Hunt was born in rural Dixon, Iowa, a pig farming town of 200 people. During his formative years, he dropped out of college to pursue a major wanderlust. Traveling across the United States, Mexico, and Europe, Lucas Hunt had unique opportunities to meet all kinds of people, learn about different cultures, and how people struggle overcome challenges in their lives. 

While he was a student in the MFA program of Southampton College, Hunt released his debut poetry collection, which was met with outstandingly positive critical acclaim. After a string of successful readings with other poets and colleagues, reviews of his poetry became bigger, stronger, and backed by more important names in the industry. 

Mr. Hunt’s first major publication is “IOWA”, named after his home state. It was published by Thane & Prose in 2016 as the first volume in a five-book series, each book representing a place of inspiration. The second volume “HAMPTONS” was published in 2019, and the third “NEW YORK” was just released. Mr. Hunt plans to pen his next traveling experiences about Paris and Rome respectively. 

Regarding “IOWA”, the publisher N. Thane Boulton firmly believes Lucas Hunt will change the landscape of American poetry: “It is my sure view that Mr. Hunt’s body of work will elevate the form of poetry – while ushering in an American voice as vivid, vast, and confident as America itself,” said Mr. Boulton.  

His third book “NEW YORK” is officially released and available on Mr. Hunt’s official website.

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