TimeShuffle Drops Exclusive Founders Pass With Pre-alpha Game Tournament

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TimeShuffle, a play-and-earn turn-based tactical RPG, backed by renowned names like Blizzard Fund, Shima Capital, NEXO, is pleased to announce the drop of the exclusive Founders Pass NFTs and pre-alpha off-chain game access.

In TimeShuffle, players battle together and against each other in procedurally generated battlefield arenas. One faction of players is aiming to protect the current timeline whereas the other faction is fighting to rewrite history and change the future.

The pre-alpha launch will feature the game's battle grid along with a selection of attacks and defenses from some of the game's heroes, such as Leonardo DaVinci, Salvador Dali and Cleopatra. This pre-alpha sneak peek will be off-chain and will be made available to selected members of the TimeShuffle community for testing purposes. More details about the tournament will be provided on TimeShuffle's official Discord channel.

The team has taken a gameplay-first approach with development, ensuring that TimeShuffle is entertaining and engaging on its own, as opposed to using blockchain technology as a crutch.

Summarizing this vision, TimeShuffle CEO, Konstantin Dinev says, "We want to give players the experience of uniquely challenging but rewarding gameplay elements, where the whole game experience is supplemented by the Web3 model. This is definitely something that sets us apart from what is currently on the market".

The team behind TimeShuffle has worked extensively in the gaming space and understands the balance between accessibility and engaging gameplay. TimeShuffle will always remain free-to-play and is being developed for mass appeal, where players do not need to be familiar with Web 3.0 or related concepts in order to start playing the game and benefiting from blockchain and NFT integrations.

The game is being launched on the Avalanche network. As mentioned earlier, the pre-alpha release will be made available to the TimeShuffle community for testing purposes before the game's alpha release later this year.

TimeShuffle Founders Pass NFT goes on sale at 05/07/2022 4 PM UTC with a limited supply of 5,500 passes, giving holders a host of perks and benefits apart from pre-alpha access, including exclusive skins, in-game consumables, profile badges, rare NFTs, a life-time supply of monthly treasure chests and more.

To stay updated about the Founders Pass sale and the pre-alpha game release, visit TimeShuffle.io

About TimeShuffle

TimeShuffle is a Free-to-Play-and-Earn Turn-Based Tactical RPG with heroes from across history battling together and against each other in procedurally generated battlefield arenas.

Each player can start their conquest with a Free-to-Play hero and progress their heroes as they play, unlocking the full potential of Blockchain gaming and TimeShuffle's Play and Earn model made possible by Avalanche's scalability and proven track record.

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Contact: Masha Beetroot, Head of PR and Communications at TimeShuffle, masha@timeshuffle.io

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