TerraTrue Launches Collection of Software, Security, and Cloud Integrations

TerraTrue, an innovator in privacy, today announced the availability of robust integrations with industry-leading software, security, and cloud storage vendors, including JIRA, Slack, Ironclad, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Google sheets, Github, Okta, OneLogin, Azure Active Directory, JumpCloud, and Rally. TerraTrue's out-of-the-box integrations are designed for teams to embed privacy into their product development lifecycle using the tools they already love to use.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Privacy Program Adoption
When privacy programs are rolled out into large organizations, hundreds or thousands of employees need to participate. With so many people expected to embrace new procedures, many privacy programs struggle to gain widespread adoption.

Key reasons why adoption can be slow for new privacy programs:

  • The new process takes too much time for the user to learn: Teams are more familiar with using specific software for their workflows and do not have time or interest to learn a new tool.
  • Lack of understanding of what to do next: As users try to follow the program rules, they get stuck in the process when they do not know what the appropriate next steps are.

TerraTrue leverages deep integrations to meet teams where they already work, avoiding disruption to their existing workflows without any additional coding on their end. With TerraTrue, companies can collaborate and manage approvals across teams, all in one place.

“Engineers at Foursquare have two key priorities: to build and to innovate. To do this, the team works at maximum proficiency using preferred products that best support their processes,” said Elizabeth Hein, Associate General Counsel: Privacy, Product and Compliance at Foursquare. “TerraTrue's integration with JIRA enables pre-deployment privacy to systems where Foursquare's engineers are already ingrained, meaning the teams can focus on what they do best while carefully automated privacy reviews are always on in the background.”

“TerraTrue makes it easy for teams to address privacy concerns in the software of their choice, which reduces friction, and lets developers be developers,'' said Jad Boutros, Co-Founder and CEO of TerraTrue and former Snapchat Chief Security Officer. “You'll never lose visibility into what's happening in your privacy program, even if it's happening outside of TerraTrue. And integrations keep everyone accountable with the ability to notify and track their progress in the productivity systems they choose to use – all through a few simple clicks, not code.”

Key benefits of TerraTrue's approach to integrations:

Never lose visibility into what's happening
Even when new projects or changes happen outside of TerraTrue, pre-screen questions can be used in JIRA to trigger whether a privacy review is needed.

Access TerraTrue in the system of your choice
Design the workflow that makes sense for teams. TerraTrue's API webhooks allow for the ability to add, update, and access real-time information end-to-end.

Accelerate privacy program adoption
Through the entire workflow, beginning with user provisioning, TerraTrue integrations are easy to roll out and allow you to get your team privacy enabled within hours, not weeks.

JIRA influence highlights the importance of building deep integrations
Nearly 70% of privacy reviews on the TerraTrue platform were initiated in JIRA during beta testing, which highlighted the importance of having a two-way integration.

A single source of truth to keep everyone synced
TerraTrue's deep-level JIRA integration both notifies and tracks user progress on issues with the bi-directional sync between systems. This two-way communication smartly identifies privacy-implicating initiatives created in Jira and pulls them into TerraTrue to seamlessly create a single source of truth for tracking all privacy reviews across an org.

Within JIRA, users can:

  • Create a new JIRA issue to kick off a privacy review in TerraTrue
  • Add details to JIRA issue that created the new launch to pre-populate launch questionnaires in TerraTrue
  • Use built-in logic for product launch questionnaires that trigger new JIRA tickets and notifications (for example: when an action item is identified from the privacy review, the integration will automatically raise a JIRA issue to track the action item)
  • Pre-populate TerraTrue custom labels from JIRA into TerraTrue for organization and filtering within the system

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About TerraTrue
TerraTrue empowers teams to build privacy and security into everything they do through a collaborative, intuitive, and scalable platform. Purpose-built to work with modern product development, TerraTrue seamlessly captures structured data about how teams plan to collect, use, store, and share data. The platform then maps that digital blueprint to the world's privacy laws to automate guidance, risk-flagging, and downstream data maps and reports. Sitting as a hub between product teams and review teams, TerraTrue also smartly routes rule-based workflows throughout an organization, automatically detects and reports infrastructure changes in cloud environments, and drives vendor management — all from the same single source of truth. Using TerraTrue, companies run a scalable, fast pre-deployment privacy program that eliminates spreadsheets, manual ad-hoc processes, and compliance bottlenecks. TerraTrue was founded in 2018 by former Snap execs and is backed by, among others, 3L Capital, Anthos Capital, and Chris Sacca. Modern brands like Lyft, Robinhood, Roku, and Foursquare are shifting left to get privacy right with TerraTrue.

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