JustLight pbc Developing Sunflower Rx™, a Breakthrough Medical Device Treatment for Alzheimer's disease


With $2.8M+ seed funding, including Fortune 500 Japanese Corporation, Asahi Kasei, JustLight is preparing for clinical trials ahead of FDA approval.

WASHINGTON, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- JustLight, a public benefit corporation, announced today it's launching clinical trials for its medical device, Sunflower Rx, which provides smart photobiomodulation (PBM) treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Photobiomodulation is the medicinal use of red or near-infrared light to heal, repair, and energize cells in our bodies — without negative side effects. Sunflower Rx uses specific wavelengths of near-infrared light to bypass the skull and be directly absorbed by the brain. 

This revolutionary technology designed by JustLight, in partnership with Light Tree Ventures and Kaiyan Medical, aims to be the world's first FDA-cleared safe and effective Alzheimer's medical device.

"Our patent-pending technology automatically adjusts the LED Light output to replicate clinical parameters, delivering precise and effective photobiomodulation treatment in the comfort of one's home," said JustLight founder Peter Forhan. "We aim to solve the $321 billion Alzheimer's crisis and revolutionize our health care system through universal access to photobiomodulation."

Following a primary investment last year by Fortune 500 Japanese Corporation, Asahi Kasei, JustLight began pilot studies with senior home partner, Nexcare Health Systems, LLC, to better understand possible clinical outcomes of Sunflower use for patients living with Alzheimer's-based dementia. According to Dr. Janet Price, JustLight's Chief Scientific Officer, the pilot program with Nexcare assisted JustLight in identifying possible improvements to the device and routines to better fit customer needs.

"After six weeks of continuous Sunflower use, Nexcare participants reported positive experiences and showed improved or stable cognition scores based on standard clinical measures," Price said. "The majority of mild-moderate individuals experienced an improvement in standardized cognitive test scores in one month of daily use. Participants had improved mood, better communication with staff, and one individual stopped being a fall risk."

JustLight is also making strides with additional company products like Violet, its far UV-C hand-cleaning device which kills germs. A clinical study is underway at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

"We have begun recruitment and subsequent clinical evaluation of Violet at the University of Michigan Hospital," Forhan said. "We expect the completion of this clinical study to be a major step towards earning FDA clearance for UV-C hand sanitation."

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