South Florida Executive Producers Look to Secure a Theatrical Deal with AMC for "MobKing," Their Highly Anticipated Major Motion Picture

Project finally filmed because of one Executive Producer's enormous profit earned from AMC stock as reported by Button Man Films, LLC.

MIAMI, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "MobKing," the motion picture adaptation of the award-winning web series "The MobKing" has wrapped production and producers are ready to position the project for distribution. The series and film were created by the lead actor and co-Executive Producer Ciro Dapagio, and stars James Russo ("Donnie Brasco"), Robert LaSardo ("Burn Notice"), Oksana Lada ("The Sopranos"), Artie Pasquale ("The Sopranos"), Michael Villar ("The Revenant"), Paul Borghese ("The Irishman"), Stelio Savante ("Law & Order"), Antoni Corone ("We Own the Night"), Elisabetta Fantone ("Big Eyes"), Bruce Soscia ("Gravesend"), newcomer Celine Alva and making his debut, Anthony Caliendo, the film's other Executive Producer. Together they spin a sordid twist on a classic mob tale set in the heart of Miami.

"MobKing" had been Dapagio's labor of love and years in the making for his team of writers and producers. The film's production had become a casualty of the pandemic and funding had also come to screeching halt. Enter Anthony Caliendo, successful South Florida entrepreneur, award-winning, international best-selling author and motivational speaker. Caliendo bought a large block of shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings stock (AMC) on January 26, 2021, sold the next day, and earned a massive return. Just like that. Now, with a truckload of disposable cash, Caliendo was in a position to embark on some adventures and pursue some passions of his own.

As the story goes, Caliendo "grew up very Italian" with a Father who was a member of the Chicago Outfit and the fantasy of either being a gangster – or playing one on TV. He wisely chose a life of business entrepreneurship and struck it big on Wall Street and in the sales and marketing arena. However, he never lost his acting itch and desire to be in a cool mob flick or a series. Fast forward to 2021, and as fate would have it, Caliendo would meet castmate Bruce Soscia on the set of another production, who would later introduce him to Dapagio. After collaborating on some merchandising deals and making them successful, it soon became apparent that the pair could team up in a powerful way to bring "MobKing" to the big screen.

Caliendo says, "After meeting Ciro and hearing the insane storyline, my first thought was 'I need to be in this movie!' My second thought was that I truly believed in Ciro's vision for the film and quickly realized that this was not just a path to fulfilling childhood dreams of my own, it could also produce huge gains in the entertainment industry – an industry I have yet to conquer. Plus, I know a good investment when I see one." The deal was sealed and Caliendo signed on as chief investor, co-Executive Producer and supporting actor.

Dapagio says, "Anthony is supporting my dream by fulfilling his own. He knows that 'MobKing' is a winner and makes incredible business sense. Plus, his onscreen presence is quite remarkable and added great value to character that I created for him."

The film is directed, co-written and co-produced by Emmy® Award-winner Jorge "Jokes" Yanes ("Eenie Meenie Miney Moe"). The MobKing brand is already an award-winning, international phenomenon, having generated millions of fans and followers across several social media platforms who are anxiously awaiting the film's anticipated release in 2022. While in post-production, Caliendo, Dapagio and their representation are gearing up to put the picture into the hands of major distributors and want to give AMC Entertainment first looks. Says Caliendo, "We think that 'MobKing' has all of the ingredients to be one of the greats within the mob movie genre. Overall, we want to raise the bar when it comes to the next generation of mob related content."

He adds, "I'm a lifelong moviegoer, like most Americans. From going to AMC theaters as a child, to becoming a father and taking my eight children to AMC, to becoming a successful business owner and an owner of AMC stock, it seems like AMC has been with me my entire life."

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Anthony Caliendo is of MAINMAN Productions, Inc. and Ciro Dapagio is of Ciro Dapagio Films, LLC.; both serve as Executive Producers. Together they have formed Button Man Films, LLC for their future endeavors in film and television.



Ciro Dapagio Films, LLC. is a film and television production company formed by award-winning content creator and actor Ciro Dapagio. The company has produced several award-winning titles such as "Brass Knuckles," "Suitcasing," "The MobKing" series, and "Silent Partners," currently in production.

MAINMAN Productions, Inc. is a film, television and entertainment production company formed by South Florida mogul Anthony Caliendo. The company's first title in production is "MobKing" the movie.

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