An Honest Review of Xoom Foods Restaurant Meal Plan by a Busy Mom and a Foodie

“”A Novel Restaurant Meal Subscription Service that is So Easy and Affordable that it Might Change Your Life.”
– Maria Remedios”

Love for food

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am an absolute foodie. I like to look at food pictures on Instagram, read food reviews on Google or Yelp, drive all over town to satisfy specific food cravings, and even book hotels near good food options during family vacations. I’m also known for being a good cook, but as a single mother helping run several businesses remotely, while making sure my nine-year-old and fifteen-year-old are staying on track with their schoolwork, cooking every single day just isn’t feasible. I often try to prep meals ahead of time to save time, like I’ll season and stuff a whole chicken and refrigerate so that later I can just put it in the oven and baste, or I’ll freeze empanadas and fry them when needed, or make a big pot of homemade pasta sauce that I can use multiple times. But as my workload and my children’s needs have increased, the time I can spare prepping and cooking has drastically decreased. I’m not complaining though, I still make sure to cook a large family dinner at least once or twice a week and a visit to a restaurant on the weekend. This is where meal delivery services come in handy but let me just say from my personal experience – not all meal delivery services are that great”.

Been there, done that

“I have tried several meal-kit shipping companies like Home Chef, Blue Apron, Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh. While a couple of the companies were more superior than the others in overall quality and taste, none of them really had that wow factor where I wanted to continue with a subscription. Some dishes were good, but many were mediocre at best. Yes, the ingredients were diced, sliced, measured, and ready to cook but I still had to follow the recipe provided, which took 1-2 hours out of my day. Also, the serving sizes were ridiculously small resulting in my kids and I being hungry just a couple of hours later. Besides, my main reason for trying these meal-kits was to cut back on actual cooking but these meal-kit delivery companies will have you in the kitchen longer than you would like.

Because I have limited cooking time during the work and school week, I decided to move onto already prepared meals where the cooking was done for me. I tried both Freshly and Factor 75 for about two weeks each and then canceled. Some of the meals were good but many were just “meh”. Some of it tasted like hospital, airplane, or cafeteria food which was a huge disappointment considering “chefs” made these meals. Maybe it’s good for people on some extreme diet but for regular folks such as myself, these prepared delivery meals just didn’t do anything for me or my tastebuds. Before anyone assumes I gorge and feed my kids unhealthy foods I can assure you, my kids nor I eat high fat junk, we just like high quality foods with palette pleasing flavors.

Not really satisfied with the meal-kits and prepared meal subscriptions, I tried numerous restaurant food delivery companies such as, Instacart, Door Dash and UberEATS. Getting fully cooked restaurant food was great because it allowed me to cut back on my grocery shopping time, cooking and cleaning. I’d cook some three days out of the week and on the other four days I would order food from local restaurants. UberEATS and Door Dash allowed me and my kids enjoy delicious restaurant food in the comfort of our home which we genuinely enjoyed. It surely saved me a lot of time, but it was so expensive that I had to start cooking more often and limit ordering delivery to just 1-2 times a month”.

Lifesaving prepared meal subscription service

“One day I was speaking to an old friend, who also works from home, and she told me about Xoom Foods. My friend knows that I am a foodie and love trying out food from different restaurants, so she suggested I give Xoom Foods a try. In all honesty, I really did not want to try another meal subscription that will just waste my money and time. She sent me a couple of photos via text of the meals she received from them, and I was surprised. Me being a busy mom and a foodie I was a bit intrigued, so I decided this was the very last meal delivery subscription I would try and if this one failed my foodie standards, then I promised myself that I would never try another again.

I headed over to Xoom Foods’ website, which was extremely user-friendly, and placed an order. If you are wondering, meals costs only $11-13 per meal, any meal, depending on the plan you select and there are astonishing 6 cuisines and 90 restaurant meals to choose from – the widest selection in the entire industry and more than double or even triple that of other subscription services.  This was probably the hardest part because there is so many delicious meals to choose from. After your order is processed you will get a delivery estimate and then after a few days your first subscription box will be delivered to your door by FedEx. I was so excited after placing my order because these meals come from real restaurants. My box of food arrived after 3 days of placing my order. The box was securely sealed and inside my meals were properly packed and kept cold. Each meal was labeled with entrée name, restaurant it originated from, and microwave heating instructions. They even provided condiments for the different meals.’’


Xoom Foods packaging was excellent – everything was cold, all material was 100% reusable or recyclable, storing and heating instructions were clear, and had a box of condiments.

“We tried many meals the same evening. My teenager enjoyed the Baked Meat Lasagna and teriyaki noodles. It was funny because he commented how it tasted like food from a real restaurant. I explained to him that they are from real restaurants. My daughter and I shared the Chicken Parmesan and Broccoli Chicken which came with white rice. I had the Kung Pao Chicken with white rice which was so satisfying after a long day. The next day my daughter surprised me by eating a full plate of Chicken Lo Mein for lunch. After a week of Xoom Foods, I now understand why their company’s catch phrase is “This Restaurant Meal Subscription Will Change Your Life”, because for me it really did.


Every Xoom Foods’ restaurant-cooked meal was delicious and hearty. Shown here is their 20 oz Kung Pao Chicken which was yummy and was large enough for me to get 2 servings out of it.

Since I was extremely happy with Xoom Foods, I decided to continue my weekly subscription. When I know the upcoming week will be super busy, I choose the 10 or 12 meals per week. If it’s going to be a slow week where my kids won’t have any online school, or we go out of town for short vacation then I do the 6 meals for that week. I still keep my pantry stocked with snacks, drinks, and ingredients to cook on days when I am in the mood like during the weekend, but it’s just so great having restaurant cooked meals delivered to my door on a weekly basis without any delivery fees, long delivery wait, and tipping. There is no more arguing over whether we will eat Italian, Chinese, American, Mexican, Indian or Japanese because we can have all of them at the same time. All we have to do is to take out the desired meal from the fridge and heat it up and a delicious restaurant prepared meal is ready to be enjoyed in less than 5 minutes.


This Teriyaki Chicken with Noodles from Xoom Foods was simply delicious. And the portion was huge which allowed 3 of us to share it happily.

I have to say that after many of years of trying different meal subscription services and almost every available delivery service, and only to be disappointed, Xoom Foods has made me a believer that delicious, affordable, high quality and convenient restaurant food does exist!”

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