Elements Blue/Sony Distribution Just Signed a Female Rap Duet Called "95," and They Have an Upcoming EP Titled "Live, Love, Cry."

Musician Ninety-five (95), also known as Nine/five (9,5), is a female rap duet from Philadelphia. Their abilities transcend beyond the usual, demonstrating 95’s adaptability in the sector. Expect a sound that combines current rap and R&B, a trap melodic flair, and perhaps a touch of pop. Not only do these girls have great bars and calming vocals, but they also have a mean pen game! This hilarious pair began their musical adventure together in college on the main campus of Penn State. The duo just got signed by Elements Blue/Sony Distribution ad are set to release an EP very soon.

Elements Blue is a CD, Vinyl, and Digital Distribution Company that caters to all groups and artists worldwide.

What distinguishes the company is its emphasis on grassroots marketing via social media and press releases. Posters, fliers, and pop-up events are still used for old-school street team marketing and word-of-mouth distribution. Elements Blue does the same for their roster of artists, labels, and organizations with offices throughout the world.

The talented rap duo is managed by MBMG, a global innovation and operations consulting firm concentrating in Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting, and other sectors.

Their services include all parts of the retail and hotel sectors, including start-up services, strategy and finance, concept and brand creation, menu and product development, concept modernization, distribution and supply chain, business diagnostics, and operational management.

Their staff has more than eighty years of operating expertise, having overseen over 750 launch or renovation initiatives. When working with MBMG, individuals can expect to receive highly innovative (and implementable) ideas and solutions that will elevate clients’ business operations, resulting in significantly positive measurable results such as increased customer satisfaction, higher revenue, and expanded profit levels. Most significantly, the agency’s advisors have firsthand knowledge of the obstacles of starting and running a thriving firm. Their programs are designed to maintain customers’ businesses, or startups, structured, effective, and lucrative; also, MBMG’s goal is to eventually position individuals’ enterprises as outstanding industry leaders.

‘95’ will officially unveil their new and upcoming EP, “Live, Love, Cry”, which will be released very soon. The rap duo is here to stay and is only beginning to display what they are capable of to the music world. From their visuals to sound, ‘95’ has started to make a distinctive path for their career which will influence the music of others in the near future.

As a fresh and emerging rap duo, the public should expect something more challenging from these youthful minds. Something really unique.

For more information, kindly visit https://www.95since95.com/.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/95since95/

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Company Name: Nine, Five "95"
Contact Person: MBMG
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.95since95.com/


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