How to find good job opportunities in Kazakhstan

If you are wondering how to find a work in kazakhstan, how to find a job in Almaty, Astana and other cities, how to get a job with a good salary, where to find a job without experience – read this article.

Everyone is faced with a job search, from young teenagers with no experience who want to earn extra money for pocket money, and ending with people with more experience who, for one reason or another, left their previous job. This topic will always be relevant! Job search as a driver, programmer, accountant, shift method, young specialist . Looking for a job for a job seeker is often accompanied by stress, spent nerves and, often, disappointment. Undoubtedly, after a dozen interviews passed and subsequent refusals of the employer in the style of “We will definitely call you back” or “Sorry, but you are not suitable for us”, a person simply gives up and becomes depressed.

There is also the type of person who, after working for a short time, decides  to go into business . Your own business sounds very attractive and promising, but here, as elsewhere, there are pluses and minuses. For some, a career and development of their professional qualities in a large company will bring much more success and income than the time and huge amount of effort spent on promoting their business. It is quite possible that you will become a super professional in your field, and the companies themselves will fight for you on terms that are beneficial to you in the first place. Everything is individual and depends on the nature of the person. Which path you choose in life is up to you.

Tips for finding a job

We list the basic principles of job search:

  • well-written resume;
  • real requirements for the desired position and place of work;
  • availability of resources and time to search;
  • readiness for constant interviews;
  • patience and perseverance.

On the question  of how to look for a job, first of all, you need to write a resume correctly. The preparation of a resume must be approached with great responsibility, because it will be your face in the eyes of the employer, and this is the first thing he will receive from you. The resume should be short and concise. For many, it turns out either the other way around – very stretched with a lot of unnecessary information, or very small in content. Take the time to analyze other people’s resumes in your field, since there are a lot of them on the Internet, think about how you could describe the original, which your job search competitors do not have. Be sure to indicate your desired  salary – this will be the assessment that you put yourself in the eyes of the employer. An interesting and well-written resume will distinguish you from the mass of applicants, and the employer will definitely pay attention to you. Even an obvious spelling mistake can lower your rating.

The requirements that will be described in the resume and voiced at the interview should be realistic and not too overstated. A similar mistake is most often made by young professionals, yesterday’s graduates of educational institutions, feeling like great experts. Such specialists are trying to find a job that requires a position of a boss or manager in a large company with  high wages. This does not mean that you do not need to look for a job in a national company or a managerial position at all – your career should be gradual and planned. Before you become a boss, you must first show yourself as an excellent specialist. In addition, a situation may arise that the employer is simply not ready to pay the amount you are counting on.

Having compiled a competent resume, you will have to search for vacancies, perhaps a long and lengthy one. Currently, there are many ways for employment with which you can find fresh vacancies. The number of companies where the applicant will send his resume is important here. The more organizations that know about you, the more likely you are to be invited for an interview.

If you are often invited for an interview, this is a good step towards success! So you were able to interest the employer and, most likely, you have a good resume. When communicating with company employees, whether they are personnel officers, department heads or managers themselves, do not show uncertainty and fear. Believe me, the employer has already conducted many interviews, knows the psychology of people and will definitely feel unjustified fear and uncertainty. Be tactful, speak competently, use professional terms. You also need to understand that your personal qualities or skills that are not related to your work are not so important to the employer, even if you are asked about it. Most likely, the director of the company will not be interested in the fact that you helped your grandmother cross the road yesterday or, along with accounting skills, you know how to sell goods well.

Tip: when writing a resume and interviewing, look at everything not only from the side of the applicant, but also from the side of the employer, and then finding a job will not be difficult. Put yourself in his place and ask yourself: would you hire such an employee to work with you?

Good luck!

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