Yomico Art Changes The Game of the Tattoo Industry

NEW YORK, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Yomico Moreno, world renowned tattoo artist, announces the launch of Yomico Art, www.yomicoart.com, the first ever multi-faceted media platform that offers events, master class, NFTs and digital content for the tattoo industry.

I am excited to see how Yomico will push the tattoo culture forward - Dwayne Johnson "The Rock".

The expansion of Yomico Art targets a wide general market audience, tattoo and art enthusiasts and the content creator community. All generations are ready for a greater acceptance of body art and Yomico Art will transcend them there.

Yomico Art was born out of passion for body art and building community to drive this culture and lifestyle forward. We wanted to create multiple media outlets that would level up how others see the evolution of tattoos, how sophisticated and intricate the art can be and how tattoos connect people through artistic self-expression, said Yomico Moreno, Founder of Yomico Art.

The Yomico Art media expansion kicks off with its first ever Event Tour on May 9, 2022 with stops in New York, Miami, Mexico and Caracas (Venezuela). The in-person event will include sponsor activations, experiences, workshops, seminars, and live tattooing. With the support and collaboration of some of the best brands in the tattoo industry such as Cheyenne, Gorilla Glove, H2Ocean, INTENZE PRODUCTS, Zoa and the New York Empire State Tattoo Expo, the premiere event for the tattoo industry, and in conjunction with the Yomico Art Studio, that showcases the work of Yomico Moreno; notable for specializing in realism tattoos, the event welcomes the tattoo community from all over the world to come for an elevated experience. Attendees can register for the event at https://yomicoart.com/.

It's been a privilege to work with Yomico. I appreciate his vivid work and attention to detail with his unique skills that not only creates art but illuminates emotion. I am excited to see how Yomico will push the tattoo culture forward, said Dwayne Johnson "The Rock", Actor and Co-Creator and Founder of Seven Bucks Productions.

Bringing the art of the tattoo to the comfort of the home, Yomico stars in his very own Master Class, Realism 101. The first Master Class will be shot and produced by Cinema Giants, a full-service production company who produces authentic culture driven content from music videos, documentaries, feature films, and TV series. The Master Class segments range from topics such as history, foundations and technique. Users can purchase individually or the entire class online.

Yomico is an incredible artist. As a creator and artist, myself, I can appreciate the attention to detail along with the style of realism that shines through his work. Yomico brought to life the photographs of my parents that are near and dear to me, said Juanes, Singer and Songwriter.

Yomico is one of the most talented artists of this era and I look forward to seeing his growth, said Residente, Writer, Producer and Co-Founder of the alternative rap group Calle 13.

Today, tattoos have advanced to another level with many people now using their skin as a canvas to tell the story of their interests, to embellish who they are or to carry the permanent work of a favorite tattoo artist. Tattoo has transcended the earlier reasons for its existence to become in many cases a fashion, and a social practice that is now far removed from the role it played since its invention. Yomico will continue to lead the way in changing the narrative by showing how art, ink and needles can come together to create something beautiful.

About Yomico Moreno
Yomico Moreno was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela and has been working as a tattoo artist since 2005. Today he resides in New York City, where he owns a private tattoo studio.

Moreno has worked in some of the most prestigious tattoo studios across various countries and continents such as Venezuela, Switzerland, Europe, Central America and South America. While In Caracas, he gained nationwide recognition winning first place prizes at various local tattoo conventions.

Yomico has been featured on CNN, Daily Mail (UK), Newsweek, Paramount Network "The Art of Ink", Sullen TV, Inkedmag, VIX, among others. He has been part of several art exhibitions including "Tattoo Forever" Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, 13th Hour and Flesh to Canvas with Last Rites Tattoo, NY and in Japan.

In 2019 he opened his private studio, Yomicoart Studio in New York. In 2021 Yomico collaborated with The Rock on the "Evolution of the Bull" tattoo and a short documentary was released about the process. He is currently working on many new projects, including a Masterclass, an NFT project "The Tattoo Shop" and continues to travel around the world to do collaborations with other artists, teach seminars, as well as creating new stories with his tattoos to push his art to new levels.

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