Thundercomm Join Hands with Pudu Robotics to Accelerate the Development of Intelligent Delivery

Pudu Robotics, the global benchmark in commercial service robots, recently unveiled two intelligent robots that are empowered by Thundercomm's advanced SOM (system on module) products and technologies. The two robots: SwiftBot and PUPU D1 are designed to meet different demands from food delivery in restaurants and goods delivery in various scenarios, separately.

Nowadays, the interaction and travelling abilities are increasing important for food delivery robot to provide better dining experience for customers, especially during the dining rush time. SwiftBot, the flagship food delivery robot can perfectly meet these demands by redefining the interaction between robots and customers during food deliveries. Supported by the strong computing power of Thundercomm TurboX C8250 SOM, SwiftBot excels in visualizing delivery routes, accurate backward perception, and flexible multi-directional avoidance, all of which bring food delivery efficiency and customer experience to a new level.

Besides, Pudu Robotics also launched PUPU D1, its first quadruped delivery robot, to fully cover all delivery scenarios both indoor and outdoor. PUPU D1 is equipped with two intelligent SOMs, TurboX C8250 and C5165, which feature small volume, excellent HMI and motion control capabilities. Based on these advantages, PUPU D1 can adapt to more complex terrains in different delivery scenarios

Hiro Cai, CEO of Thundercomm, says: "We are very pleased to work with Pudu Robotics to build leading delivery robot products and solutions. Thundercomm is committed to empower our clients to develop competitive and innovative products in the intelligent sector. We expect that both Pudu Robotics and Thundercomm will further promote technological innovation and launch more excellent products to meet the diversified delivery demands from different markets."

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