VirtualEarth: New Multipurpose Cryptocurrency Launch for Crypto and NFT Enthusiasts, New Token $VIRE Released Too.

Unique WEB3.0 NFTs MarketPlace Platform, approaching a niche not yet exploited

Good news for all cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts, VirtualEarth, is set to launch with the precise aim of solving all of the issues that investors within the digital currency space are currently facing. In addition to its exchange platform, the crypto brand has also announced the launch of a new token; $VIRE.

“We are excited to finally draw the curtains and present our project”. States Rauca Serban, virtual earth’s co-founder, and project manager, as the VirtualEarth team announces the launch of a new token, the first of its kind: the “VirtualEarth Token ($VIRE)”, a Defi token with multiple utilities created on the Binance smart chain.

The VirtualEarth team is reaching out to Crypto maniacs, NFT purchasers, and sellers who are searching the web for a solid and profitable token. The VirtualEarth Token is now available in both digital and physical forms.

As previously stated, the VirtualEarth Token is a utility Token that offers the most unique experience in all of its forms. Customers ranging from cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buyers and sellers, artists, and creators, will undoubtedly benefit from what it has to offer.

One of the Token’s numerous applications is the VirtualEarth MarketPlace. This MarketPlace is home to content creators who buy and sell these one-of-a-kind NFTs known as “NUDE ART NFTs,” which combine art and nudity into a single entity. In a nutshell, this MarketPlace excellently portrays the art of nudity in NUDE ART NFT’s 

The VirtualEarth team also developed and released a mobile app with both desktop and mobile interfaces. Here, creators, collectors, designers, and customers will have all they need in one spot, thanks to this versatile app that will meet all of their demands and more. This app will offer all of the information from the Web MarketPlace, even more interestingly anyone using this app will have access to a very important feature, the NFT’s creator, enabling everyone to create their own unique NFT.

Although not yet implemented, another utility of the Token mentioned by the founders is the VirtualEarth Wallet, a user-friendly Digital Wallet and Payment System. This is a Global Payment App that allows all to securely make international payments as well as exchange and store crypto coins. User Profile, Dashboard with Deposit, Withdraw Charts, Generate wallet Address, Secured Withdraw, and lots more, are all features of this wallet that will guarantee a fantastic experience.

The VirtualEarth Card was created by the virtual earth team because they felt it was appropriate to introduce a crypto card for crypto purchases. This card is accepted wherever Visa is accepted. There are three different kinds of cards to choose from. Depending on which card you choose, you will receive a variety of rewards and benefits. (Standard, black, and gold colors are available.)

Why have VirtualEarth Shop when you have a Virtual MarketPlace? “Yes, we recognize the importance of our community in our project, which is why we want to establish the VirtualEarth Shop” says Rauca Serban. The VirtualEarth shop is a personalized online shop where shoppers may browse for and purchase customized VIRE items such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, and more, bringing the virtual earth community closer together and undoubtedly having a significant say in its visual identity.

Finally, there will be a VirtualEarth Academy where all of the knowledge gained during the project’s implementation will be made available in the form of e-learning materials, courses begun in short and long videos, scheduled online live meetings, and more.

The benefits:

There are various benefits to purchasing a VirtualEarth Limited Edition NFT. To begin with, and directly related to the project’s symbol, every owner of a VirtualEarth Limited Edition NFT will incur no transaction fees when trading $Vire Token. Aside from the fact that each NFT will be one-of-a-kind, individualized, and unique, buyers will be able to hold them both digitally and physically, printed on wood, and distributed by express delivery all over the world.

Finally, the virtual earth NFT Artists have already developed the most unique Nude Art NFTs, which will be revealed one by one until the MarketPlace is officially launched. Before the official launch, customers will be able to purchase these one-of-a-kind NFTs, which will be delivered in both digital and physical form.

These NFTs are referred to as limited, but they provide a variety of unlimited benefits; see the VirtualEarth website,, for more information on this token, its benefits, utilities, roadmaps, and much more.


Rauca Serban – Virtual Earth Co-Founder and Project Manager 

Paul Miron – Virtual Earth Co-Founder and General Manager, check them on Linkdin






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