Fitness Through Meditation, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Through The SWELL Method for Lasting Physical and Mental Rejuvenation

The SWELL method stands for sit + WorX + eat + live + love. It's five non-negotiables that, when practiced every day, compound and result in what we call "superhero status." We are creating a heart-centered world full of fit people who LOVE LIFE.

According to announcements released by The SWELL Method and Erin Scheele, the fitness training system employs meditation, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to bring about lasting positive changes in health. The SWELL method is the only complete system that takes the Guesswork out of health and fitness, including all elements necessary for true life long transformation. 

The SWELL Method enables practitioners to overcome the lethargy & the daily exhaustion that prevents them from exercising or seeing a diet program to its completion. Individuals who are getting by doing just the bare minimum but wish to do more for their health and overall wellbeing stand to gain the maximum from this method. 

This method has successfully filled the gaps present in all the other programs available in the fitness sector. It emphasizes X, that indecipherable factor that is present in people but one that needs to be teased and stoked to the surface where it can burn bright. The SWELL Method helps people commit long-term to their health and is, therefore, able to deliver uncommonly positive results. 

The SWELL Method provides practitioners with all the essential tools they need to overcome cognitive bottlenecks and take their fitness to the next level. It educates stress management, emotional control, and the ability to master oneself. Practitioners reach a stage where they can help others make a difference, be there for friends and family, and contribute to the community. 

The training imparted delves deeper than simply helping with toned abs and bikini bodies. It stimulates a passion for life and realizes that society’s change can only happen through a transition from within. Changing the world starts with the individual. It’s only when the individual can overcome themselves, can they effectively help someone else. The SWELL method fills the void from the KNOWING to the DOING. You know what you SHOULD DO, Why aren’t you DOING IT? The SWELL method fixes the individual, so they can have the greatest impact on the world and in their community.  

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Erin Scheele of The SWELL Method said, “I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and get my clients uncommon results. That’s because we have unlocked the secrets of the fit for life. In an industry with a 97% failure rate, my clients are part of the uncommon 3%. That’s because we use The SWELL method. It starts with leveraging your drive to fill THAT void and unlock your X (infinite) life. 

I started this method with my clients at my gym called, The WorXout ©. The X is not pronounced. It’s merely a symbol. The X is the unknown in a math problem & represents infinite possibilities. So, a WorXout or live your X life or X love are all infinite expressions of you. 

I fell in love with fitness early on & went to college for kinesiology. After I graduated, I discovered I was in a field where you don’t have to have a certificate, let alone a degree. Anyone can say they are a “trainer.” So, I started training and always was able to follow my heart, deep diving with people and get to the root cause of their sabotage. By changing the way they exercised and showed up and their attitude, I could see how they changed their entire life. After training with the navy seals for two years between baby 3 & 4, that further pushed me onto my path of approaching fitness as an opportunity to overcome, become a superhero with a purpose, and affect the entire world with love.”

About the Company:

The SWELL Method developed by Erin Scheele focuses on the essentials for a healthy body that are invariably overlooked by fitness programs. The program accentuates the abilities of the individual without indulging in guesswork. It has a sterling record of enabling people, especially those above 40, to fulfill their health-related targets. The SWELL method is a no nonsense, one stop shop for all things health & fitness. It’s a step by step process, just follow the directions and become the greatest version of yourself.

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