IntRec, a science-based AI powered online total recruitment solution company, announces its launch on four markets, including: North America, UK, Poland, and Spain.

The recruitment solution provider’s AI software promises to introduce a more flexible framework to the corporate hiring process that will cut time, effort, and costs in comparison to traditional recruitment methods. The company aims to transform recruiting into an on-demand, technology-led process.

“During a time of enormous talent shortage and high turnover, IntRec is excited to offer clients a technology solution that offers Potential Personality Image & Emotion based Recruitment,” said Pawel Pietras, CEO of IntRec. “The IntRec Recruitment Solution moves recruitment away from using the traditional resume and interview-based system of assessment. IntRec’s AI software introduces a more flexible framework which assesses candidates against a range of elements using a variety of selection methods. This will give the best possible chance of finding the right person for the right job, driving up performance and improving diversity and inclusivity.”

Pietras Continued: “Since IntRec’s team is comprised of North American, UK, Polish and Spanish talent, including engineers, professors, IT professionals, and recruiting experts, as well as all these markets being very similar in nature regarding recruitment practices and turnover rates, we felt that these were the best markets for us to launch in, with plans to open offices in 2 additional countries by the end of the year. This is just the very beginning for IntRec, and it will position the company as a leader in this new, AI driven market.”

The Global AI recruitment market is expected to reach a staggering market value by 2025 as it offers advanced applications for recruitment processes such as recruiter chatbots, intelligent screening, and digitized interviews, according to Market Research Future, while Absolute Market Insights predicts that the global AI recruitment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% by 2027, projected to reach just under $50 billion USD.

Today’s hiring challenge for employers are future shortages of skills, as the Great Resignation era accelerates. “As everyone approaches 2 years of being out from the initial pandemic-driven shutdowns, IntRec is seeing in hiring that “the new normal” has become almost a cliché, yet relevant, as organizations embrace constant change and adaptation as keys to survival and success,” stated Anna Stukalova, an expert in retail recruitment consulting. “Today’s recruitment methods lead to a number of issues such as unhappy employees, resignations, staff shortages, lack of loyalty, low morale and lack of trust. This in turn leads to companies having to spend additional valuable time, effort, and cost on rehiring. Current staff turnover rates hover around 26% while mis-hire rates are around 12%. On top of that, for many organizations, massive concerns over the labour shortage remain, especially with strong growth predicted across most industries over the next year. IntRec’s AI software and recruitment methods were designed and developed to equip recruiting teams with hiring technology that leads to efficient, agile, and responsive recruitment, which successfully connects with the massive shift in mindset of many workers during the pandemic who are reconsidering what is important in life.

About IntRec

IntRec is an online total recruitment solution provider servicing high turnover industries, including Retail, Hospitality, Sales, Graduate Recruitment, Outsourcing, Logistics, and Healthcare. IntRec uses Machine Learning, Personality Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Prediction Technology and NLU and NLP to match successful candidates and employers with Job Fit and Company Culture Fit. IntRec’s Candidate matching, and prediction algorithm uses Machine Learning from previous results to improve its success rate of perfectly matching talent with companies. IntRec provides upskilling courses, creation of perfect CV’s, Aptitude testing, Personality Analysis and Situational Competency based AI Video Interview.

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