Octagon Introduces a First-Ever All-In-One Crypto Coin

Dubai, UAE, March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The cryptocurrency market is flooded with many coins, each offering a distinct feature. However, eliminating the hassle of managing all these tokens in one wallet has been the foundation of the tech venture Octagon. The project aims to create and launch high-profit ventures by identifying and replicating successful business models.

The company aims to unlock the digital economy's real market potential to cater to high consumer services like e-commerce, esports, gaming, ease of applying to government contracts, and offering a blockchain. The company has also introduced a unique token containing characteristics of all the top crypto tokens on the market designed for high profits for investors. 

What is Octagon?

Deriving its name from the octagonal shape with eight sides, Octagon will launch eight potential projects featuring unique and life-changing ideas that will cooperate to unlock their true potential. The venture is based on a DBOT model meaning Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer. The DBOT model utilizes the latest technologies and focuses on esports, AR/VR, AI, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain.

The 9-point funnel system generated by their team processes and structures business concepts that focus on data and eliminate bias. The company will set up its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands and host a network of companies in the UAE and Singapore to facilitate a global presence.

  • Octagon is a tech venture focused on unraveling the real strength of the digital economy.
  • The company will launch eight milestone projects to cater to market demands in e-commerce, e-sports, gaming, and blockchain.
  • $OCTA token is an all-in-one crypto coin that combines the features of top coins on the market

Eight milestone projects by Octagon

Every project under Octagon will have a unique domain name and will be distinct from the Octagon network in the future. The following Octagon projects will target different aspects of the digital finance world, focusing on NFT auction and marketplaces, e-sports, and the generation and exchange of BSC tokens.  

  1. Million NFTs History Picture- NFT auction space with the reward-based system. The first NFT (photo) will be sold via their Octagon auction for 1000 BTC.
  2. Octagon Metaverse P2E Game/VR- Octagon focuses on creating high-tech VR games with real-world experience.
  3. Decentralized IDO Platform- Users can develop their own project or BSC token, host private sales, and offer multi-wallet support.
  4. Swap, Octagon Wallet & Mobile App- Octagon will launch all three features simultaneously to ensure user trust and security.
  5. Octa Marketcap- A similar place to other coin listing sites like CoinGecko. It will offer unique analytical tools for comparing different currencies and be featured in 20 languages.
  6. Octagon Launchpad- Users can launch their individual tokens and initiate a token sale on the launchpad. It does not require special coding knowledge and will offer listing supports for PancakeSwap, PinkSwap, and UniSwap.
  7. NFT Public Auction & Marketplace- It will be an automated network for selling and bidding on NFTs devoid of external interference and allow payments in the form of Octagon token or Tether (USDT).
  8. Octagon Blockchain – It is the ultimate and last project of Octagon that will derive power from all 7 seven projects. It will involve launching Octagon's own blockchain and creating a crypto world reputation.

$OCTA token and Tokenomics

The tech venture is about creating an exceptional cross-chain trading experience with their projects and unique all-in-one coin. It is a rare contract with 12% tax allocated towards Octagon rewards for holders (6%) and 2% each towards Liquidity, Marketing, and project wallets. The company will also be listing its community-driven token on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. 

Future scope

Octagon is currently in its first phase and will host a private sale on March 20th, 2022. In the upcoming stages, the venture intends to onboard 20,000 holders on their BSC, CEX listing, and focus on developing different aspects of e-sports and gaming.

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