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Businessman, entrepreneur and project founder Yaşam Ayavefe was born in 1984 as the middle son of a father who served in the Incirlik base in the central district of Adana province.

He became a telecom program manager (Voipplanet Ltd. - Delsim Communications - Mediatel United Kingdom - Globalink Mobile 2004-2012) and used his expertise to provide cyber security of high quality.

Having multiple diplomas, Yaşam Ayavefe holds a master's degree in International Relations and Software Engineering. Additionally, he studied Food Engineering between 2002-2009. He then took the time to learn the dealership and sales operations of Knight Online game, which is world-renowned in Morph Game companies and has a huge audience.

Yaşam Ayavefe has made significant impacts in areas such as software development, as well as accomplishments in important software languages ​​such as c ++ and Java. Yaşam Ayavefe has also created job opportunities with the construction and architectural projects.


Yaşam Ayavefe has benefited and boosted the current economy of the local people with his projects and investments. Clearly, this explains why he was deemed worthy of the best businessman award of the year by the tourism minister of the time. This ceremony was held in 2015.

Yasam Ayavefe started with the idea that "The person who does not make the world better is not a man." Being shown as an exemplary figure by leading economists, Yasam Ayavefe explains the secret of the successes he has achieved in his projects as follows.

"My success in life is due to my respect and love for my job and my environment."


Yaşam Ayavefe has loved and cherished nature and animals since a young age and has created a global project that will aim to protect natural life.

As many already know, there are numerous problems that threaten the future of our world and this has become an issue that needs to be understood and accepted by everyone. We are talking about climate change. Carbon-based gases reaching the atmosphere through fossil fuels cause a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, and thus change our climate. In addition, the waste materials that we throw into nature have various side effects.

To end all these events and ensure the continuity of a comfortable life, the Green Climate World project was initiated by Ayavefe. Green Climate World is a global social responsibility project created to combat global warming. This project's primary mission is to make the planet we live in a better place and leave a liveable world heritage for future generations.

It comes from the idea of ​​planting trees on every inch of earth. The first leg of this project, which consists of two basic points, is based on planting trees on every mixed soil in the world, as previously mentioned. The second part of the project is the collection of waste materials discharged into nature through the created recycling centres and the prevention of the damage to nature, provided that they are destroyed afterwards. Thanks to the strong technical infrastructure created, it is planned to monitor the developments instantly, and no setback is expected in this project.

In press conferences, Yaşam Ayavefe reveals the determination of the decision taken by him and his team to the world public again and again. The load gets lighter when the hands are many...

Although investments in the fields of textile, construction, hotel, tourism, and technology have achieved great success in general, one of the most important social responsibility works of Yaşam Ayavefe is to meet all material and moral needs of young people who are still school-age by organising events. He has a very meticulous approach to the issues related to the education of young people, is highly appreciated and loved by the people who follow his work.

Yaşam Ayavefe is very well known for his projects and investments and has been working on the need to help people in his surrounding investors by using this influence.

He currently covers the education and training costs of hundreds of young people and is an exemplary personality in this aspect. In addition, he meets the needs of many elderly and sick citizens and has been awarded a special plaque for his assistance.

Having established a fund in sports and movement-based activities, Yaşam Ayavefe provides financial support to young people who have succeeded in national and global sports activities.


Let's Love Nature, Protect Nature

Yaşam Ayavefe's love of animals and his work to protect the natural world throughout his life is remarkable. He prefers to approach animals with an empathetic attitude whether they are at home or outside and he himself has a dog that he loves very much. The love of the famous businessman, who often participates in long nature trips with his dog, is reflected in photographs. Believing that life can be beautiful with valuable and hard work, Yaşam Ayavefe thinks that the opportunities given to us should benefit other creatures as well as humans.

The Basis of Civilisation Structure is Books

Furthermore, Yaşam Ayavefe believes that the future can be built with correct and knowledgeable generations if we understand the value and importance of education and training in our lives. The numerous projects of the famous businessman Yaşam Ayavefe, who believes that our young people can become beneficial individuals and aim to leave a better life legacy for our planet with a good education, are extremely fascinating. On top of all already said, he also provides numerous books to libraries because he thinks that every young person should have access to a library. He has a close interest in technical, software and artistic activities and frequently works in public news portals, where he works hard to allow young people to progress.

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