Dovel & Luner Law Firm Announces Consumer Protection Lawsuit against Corsair Gaming alleging Deceptive Advertising of High-Speed RAM

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Dovel & Luner law firm on Friday filed a federal class action lawsuit against Corsair Gaming, Inc. CRSR on behalf of a California consumer who purchased high-speed computer memory from Corsair. McKinney v. Corsair Gaming, Inc., Case 3:22-cv-00312 (N.D. CA, Dkt. 1). The lawsuit alleges that Corsair misled hundreds of thousands of consumers by deceptively advertising and packaging its high-speed computer memory.

The Complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges that Corsair violated the consumer protection laws of many states, including the California Unfair Competition Law, the California False Advertising Law, and the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act. According to the lawsuit, Corsair's advertisements and packaging for its high-speed memory products allegedly mislead consumers about the performance of Corsair's memory.

The Complaint alleges that "Consumers reasonably believe that Corsair's memory will run at these advertised speeds. But in reality, the memory does not and cannot run at these advertised speeds out of the box."

The Complaint alleges: "Trying to get Corsair memory to run at the advertised speed requires altering your computer's firmware to attempt to make the memory run at higher than standard speeds. This is known as 'overclocking.' And 'overclocking' often does not work. There is a substantial risk that attempts to 'overclock' will fail and the memory will not achieve the advertised speed at all, or will not run stably. ... Corsair's memory packaging and ads do not disclose any of this to consumers."

As alleged in the Complaint, "Corsair's ads are misleading to reasonable consumers" and that these "false statements and material omissions increased the demand for its Corsair memory products. As a result, Corsair was able to charge more for its High-Speed Memory than it would have been able to had Corsair's packaging and ads been truthful."

"The lawsuit alleges that Corsair misled its customers about its high-speed RAM products so that it could charge more for them, and that this violated consumer protection laws," said Simon Franzini of Dovel & Luner. "We and our co-counsel at Kneupper & Covey brought this lawsuit to stop these alleged misleading ads and to compensate consumers who overpaid for Corsair's memory."

The lawsuit seeks to enjoin Corsair from continuing to engage in alleged deceptive advertising and to require that Corsair compensate harmed consumers.

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