A Different Kind of Meme Coin Has Launched on Uniswap

The Average Joe Crypto is a community driven ERC-20 token on the ethereum blockchain with a low max supply of only 100,000,000 tokens. Created by the owner of the Average Joe Crypto YouTube Channel

The Average Joe Meme coin was initially created as an experimental community project focused on and dedicated to the Average Joe Crypto YouTube Channel community and goes by the ticker AJC. As the YouTube channel continued to grow closing in on 10k followers they realized this project had real potential! It was then that the gears started turning and the development of the AJC token project really began! Once the token was added to uniswap the website was developed, logo updated on etherscan.io, liquidity added, and the initial airdrop to the first 10 holders of the token took place!

This project is still very early in development and has an extremely low market cap! More tokens will be added to the supply on uniswap gradually over time as well as random airdrops of an undisclosed amount to all token holders at the time of the air drop according to the meme coins creator! 

Unlike the many meme coins seen today such as Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BabyDoge, etc. The Average Joe meme coin has a very low max supply! The total amount of tokens created will not exceed 100,000,000. This creates the possibility for The Average Joe to rise in price substantially as the community on YouTube continues to grow according to the creator of the project.

The Average Joe cryptocurrency meme coin claims to be one hundred percent Community driven which means the tokens value could potentially increase as the community continues to grow and jump on board. The very low total supply creates the potential for substantial growth in value and price as the demand increases! AJC Token is currently available on UNISWAP! Learn more by visiting  The Website.

Currently 23.47% of the total supply or about 23.5 million tokens are supplied to Uniswap. The airdrops to the first 10 holders and project supporters equals out to be approximately 35% while the token deployer address still holds 36,172,925 AJC Tokens or about 36.1% of the total supply. Around 5 million of these tokens will be used for periodic airdrops to the AJC token holders as they grow! The project founder address will eventually be reduced down to and hold about 10 million tokens and the remaining approx. 20 million tokens will be utilized for future project development based on the contract address info on Etherscan.

This project also has its own NFT Collection on Open Sea. Currently the original Average Joe NFT is the only NFT available. As time goes on and the AJC project continues to grow and develop there will eventually be an entire Average Joe NFT Collection with multiple different Average Joe NFT variations according to the project creator along with the AJC Token Airdrops there will be NFT Giveaways in the future.

With meme coins and NFTS gaining popularity and driving cryptocurrency into the mainstream public eye recently it’s safe to say that with a strong community and a dedicated project leader The Average Joe Meme Coin project has the potential for amazing and fast growth. When compared to almost every other meme coin AJC may prove to show the most growth in regards to price because of its extremely low MAX total supply! $0.00003167 is the Current AJC token price according to Dextools. The price could rise very quickly once demand begins to grow so getting in early on this one could potentially be profitable in the long term! Anyone who is interested can learn more by visiting the tokens website.

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