Homeless to Recording Studio success with Mike Hitt of MCM Studios in Pittsburgh

Find out how this music producer took a run down storage unit and went from no clients to editing audio for shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hearst Media and collaborating with over 500 music artists.

“MCM Studios (https://www.412mcmstudios.com/) was always meant to help the smaller artist get on their feet and through that, the bigger opportunities just started to call. Coming from an artist background myself, it took me the coveted 10,000 hours to figure out what worked and what didn’t and with that knowledge, I have been able to help thousands of artists find their inner voice and footing in the world of entertainment.”

It was 11 years ago at 8:30am when a hip shattering car wreck left Mike Hitt wondering where his life was going next, luckily for him, destiny had always been in his favor.

Starting as a paid DJ at 14 years old, Hitt always had an affinity for music. Not only did he enjoy it himself, he understood what other listeners would enjoy about it. He would spend the next 10 years of his life under the moniker “The Hitmaker” learning every aspect of music from creation to distribution to branding and marketing. Hitt recalls it like it was yesterday.

“I was always just ahead of the curve in an industry that was starting to not be a secret society anymore. As new opportunities came up, I would seize them. From being the youngest DJ in my area to being the first producer who could press your music to CD, I would always follow the bread crumbs of life.”

That take a chance mentality would take him all over the states from New York to LA securing high profile work and collaborations with big name clients like JR Writer, JellyRoll, MadChild and placements on big name TV networks like VH1, MTV, B.E.T, CBS The NFL and many more!

But like all artists one day find out, the struggle of “am I on the right path” can sometimes be overwhelming. For a 5 year span, Hitt would slow down his chase for success and regretfully trade it in for a more simple life of work.

“The pressure of society really got to me. Everyone is in college, getting into jobs and where I’m from, everyone works 30 years and retires, they don’t think to take a chance on some outlandish entertainment dream, so for a little bit, I didn’t fully give up, but those dreams took a back seat for me to create a more stable foundation for my life, at least that’s what I thought.”

Hitt would soon find out that going against gods plans is not why we exist.

After just getting a small 1 bedroom apartment, a car and a job driving buses, he felt like he was possibly on the right track, until one day, 3 months into his new job coming home in between shifts, he got into a near death car accident leaving him without the ability to walk.

He would spend the next 6 months in and out of surgery and rehabilitation literally and figuratively putting one foot in front of the other until a friend came to him with a proposition.

His friend had a small band rehearsal space in a well known building in Pittsburgh at the time called ABC Storage and told Hitt that when he was walking again, maybe this could be a great place for him to start his music producer journey.

Once he was walking again and taking his last $2,000 he had saved up, Mike Hitt would make a decision that would forever change the course of his life and the lives of thousands of other creatives.


In 2010 he would open MCM Studios, a place where thousands of artists and companies from all over the world would source their creative ideas looking to Hitt to bring them to life.

“In the beginning there was a lot of trial and error” Hitt recalls. “From scheduling to pricing to understanding how different artists minds work, there was a steep learning curve, but my past experiences gave me the fundamentals to thrive in an otherwise chaotic business with a high failure rate.”

Now in his 11th year, Hitt has just begun to see the fruits of his labor. Working on shows like A League of Their Own on Amazon Prime, Archive 81 on Netflix and now the new Ed and Day in The Burgh Show by Hearst Media and Very Local, while also balancing coaching calls with aspiring artists and maintaining a list of over 500 clients that is growing by the day.

When asking Hitt how he takes on so much responsibility he says “This is my passion. When it’s truly your calling, that enthusiasm carries you from one task to the next. You have to be in alignment with your true self, that’s how you keep from getting overwhelmed. I would also add, don’t take on more projects than you can handle. I’m not afraid to say no, I think that’s how you can keep from letting people down who are counting on you. It’s better to over deliver and under promise.”

Hitt is a inspiration to those who are starting from nothing and feel overwhelmed or helpless. When asked for his final piece of advice for artists and business creatives looking to begin their journey he simply says –

“Don’t ignore destiny. The thing that is speaking to you the loudest, that you’re most afraid to do, that’s the direction you should be heading in. It’s ok to not fit in, that’s how you stand out.”

Find out more about Mike Hitt at https://www.MikeHitt.com. He can also be followed on Instagram at https://www.Instagram.com/mikehittman

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