Universe Island Combines Emerging Technologies To Unlock The In-Game Marketplace

London, UK, Dec. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) The gaming industry has seen massive growth over the last few years, reaching $173.70 by 2020.  Expects predicting this trajectory to reach $314.4 billion by 2026. In November 2021, gaming finance surpassed decentralized finance accounting for 50% of current active wallets. The growth has been mainly attributed to integrating the play-to-earn concept that has defined the gaming experience. To tap into this market, a team of developers led by Ladislav Liska came together to combine the latest technological innovation to create a unique gaming platform, the Universe Island.

Universe Island, a crypto-powered Sci-Fi-themed 1vs1 online shooting game, is helping users unlock the in-game marketplace.

Unlike traditional third-party platforms, Universe Island has an incentive program powered by their native token, the UIM token. This model allows players to rise the ladder to become elite players while at the same time earning incentives along the way.

Created as a third-person mobile shooter game, Universe Island allows users to experience an action-driven experience while getting rewards for their participation. The game takes place in the metaverse, which is fractured into islands. Notably, the Universe Island metaverse is ever-expanding, and there is currently no final number of maps or islands. Instead, each island is created with its mysteries. What makes the game more interesting is that the story's main protagonist is the metaverse itself, with players set out to explore its secrets.

The game's narrative is based on the Anime Girl trapped on the Volcanic Island, lost seeking in a strange place.  The game features unique terrain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enemies referred to as neutrals. The game begins with two players set at the opposite sides of the map with a mission of shooting their opponents while avoiding other AI-controlled neutrals. Notably, developers plan to launch an animated TV show to support the Universe Island narrative in the coming days.

Universe Island has many unique features in addition to its epic battles. These features include the metaverse gallery, open world, and evolving community engagement. The platform also has a limited NFT collection comprising unique NFT cards created to give players additional advantages in the game. Notably, there shall be five tiers of NFT upgrade cards in increasing order of rarity. The NFT cards will start from normal to rare, unique, and legendary.

The NFTs will be collected by staking the UIM tokens, purchasing existing NFT cards from owners willing to sell, or participating in auctions for freshly minted NFT card editions.

UIM Tokenomics

Universe Island's UIM token is the economic driver of the UIM ecosystem serving various utilities. UIM holders enjoy zero extra fees on the UIM NFT marketplace (excluding network fees), special in-game recognition as token staker, in-game benefits as token holder status for in-game purchases and governance.

The token has a Hard Cap of $4.94 million, with the soft cap set at $1.02 million. From the total supply, the project plans to use 6% to reward its community, 15% as game rewards, 22%for the private sale, and 25% for the public sale. The remaining tokens will be divided differently between marketing, advisors, research, staking, and the team.

In the coming days, the platform plans to set liquidity pools for the UIM tokens to be traded against other tokens as liquidity pairs on various DEX's on Binance Smart Chain, starting with PancakeSwap and potentially other DEX's or chains. The token has a total supply of 6% of these tokens that have been allocated to reward liquid providers.

The platform already has an IGO scheduled for December 23, 2021, Seedify. The Universe Islands should expect the launch of a seed round, the second version of the games' NFT marketplace, token listing, and animated miniseries in the coming days.

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