15 Minutes to Genius: The Instant Coffee That Enhances The Brain And Improves Performance Of The World's Most Ambitious People.

Genius Coffee Co's Coffee is formulated to enhance the brain all day and promote calm and stress reduction at night, guaranteeing the perfect sleep to recharge and refuel for the next day ahead.

Liverpool, Merseyside, England – Coffee is one of the worlds most loved and sought-after drinks, but more often than not, coffee gives only a short burst of energy, followed by a caffeine crash, brain fog, and can often be expensive. Genius Coffee Co has changed this, by formulating coffee with a premium range of brain-boosting Nootropic ingredients that work to improve mental performance and bring out the genius within you, all for significantly less than your average cup of coffee.

Genius Coffee proudly offers a range of all-natural, brain-enhancing coffees, that are formulated to improve memory, focus, motivation, thinking skills, and also guarantees you a perfect night’s sleep while reducing stress. The great thing about Genius Coffee is that it’s an instant formula for instant results, with just hot water, as well as milk and sugar if desired, you can make Genius Coffee in under a minute, and feel the benefits within 15, all thanks to the premium Nootropic formulas that are the key to Genius Coffee Co’s success.

Genius Coffee Co offer a comprehensive range of coffee including:

FOCUS – The Fast Track To Genius: Memory, Motivation, and Focus Boosting Coffee. The World’s Most Advanced Nootropic Formula For The World’s Most Ambitious People.

UNWIND – The Ultimate Sleep Solution: Sleep-Enhancing, Stress Reducing, Decaf Coffee. Sleep Like a Baby. Rise Like a Lion.

PROTEIN – The Muscle Building Energiser: Not Just Everyday Protein Powder, Made With Delicious Arabica Coffee and Premium Whey Protein with No Additives.

Genius Coffee Co’s ‘The Limitless Bundle’ has been formulated to be your complete daily fast-track to the best you, which has been made for the world’s most ambitious people. It contains a caffeine-fuelled Nootropic coffee called ‘Focus,’ which brings out your inner genius by boosting your memory, motivation, focus and thinking skills. The second product ‘Unwind’ being your evening decaf coffee that guarantees you a perfect night’s sleep, reduces stress, and allows you to think clearer. The Limitless Bundle has been carefully designed to create the best version of you in two daily, delicious drinks.

The popularity of Genius Coffee Co has grown exponentially. They have many returning customers who rave about their coffee. One happy satisfied customer reviewed:

Second pack and loving it. Great focus, energy, and I can feel my mind getting more decisive and motivated. Focus feels like it’s having an impact on my memory too, I can remember details a lot easier and the energy I get keeps coming and coming, I like how I don’t get a crash afterwards as I do with other coffees. It tastes like a premium coffee shop, despite it being instant, which works perfectly for me as I’m on the go. Really happy with it and I’ve just bought my second bag, there’s nothing like this I’ve found elsewhere and it’s really good value for what I get.”

This review makes it clear that for customers, Genius Coffee is the secret to your instant genius.

Testimonials make it certain that Genius Coffee Co is a perfect companion to all the hard-working individuals who want to wake up motivated to grind hard by each passing day. It is for everyone. Aspiring entrepreneurs, working professionals, fitness and sports athletes or busy homemakers, it is clear that this coffee is designed to aid everyone in achieving their goals, and feeling the best that they possibly can while doing it.

Visit their website and place an order today to get an extra 15% Discount. Use the Code GENIUS15. They currently ship to the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, and the UAE.

About Genius Coffee Co.

A coffee-based business, which has premium formulas to boost brainpower and fast-track you to Genius, helping increase memory, motivation, focus, and providing a clearer mind for better-thinking skills. All this in 15 minutes!

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