HODL Shop on expanding spree, acquires assets from HODL GmbH

HODL Shop has just acquired the domain name and other assets of HODL GmbH and is going to launch its native crypto token in December.

Utrecht, NL – December 02, 2021 – Leading e-commerce brand HODL Shop, a unit of HODL Inc., has recently announced its acquisition of official assets from German firm  HODL GmbH. The e-commerce business has acquired the HODL GmbH domain name, BeHODL.com, as well as the related trademarks and social media accounts of HODL GmbH. From now on, HODL GmbH will no longer be in operation and its products will be sold through the official web store of HODL Inc., HODL.Shop.

In an exclusive interview, the HODL Shop spokesperson shared that they are currently on an expansion spree and the recent acquisition is a part of their expansion schedule. 

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently acquired the official assets of HODL GmbH. We have been planning to expand our entire HODL brand across the globe in the coming years and the recent acquisition is the first step towards the goal”, stated the spokesperson.

“We are extremely particular about the products that we feature on our website. We only sell those that we are ready to use ourselves. Post the acquisition, we will be selling HODL GmbH’s products- but before that, we would be undertaking a thorough research on their products to check the product quality. We have to ensure each single product we feature on our online shop perfectly meets our strict quality standards.”

HODL Shop is bustling with a vast and versatile inventory of products. From tech accessories to wearables, the online shop houses al. HODL Shop also offer home and bedding products such as fleece blanket, sofa cushion, lumbar pillow, wall clock, and so on. 

While approached about the BeHODL.com domain name, the spokesperson revealed that the domain name will now be used for a cryptocurrency wallet. It must be stressed here, HODL Inc. is one of the pioneer mainstream companies to accept cryptocurrency payments.

In fact, the company has also ventured into the cryptocurrency zone lately with its new native cryptocurrency HODL Games token. HODL Shop will accept the cryptocurrency as a payment for its products. The company already accepts BTC as payment.

HODL Games token is a utility token that will offer 3 major utilities –

Gaming Rewards

The token holders will be rewarded with the HODL Games token when they win at HODL games. Besides, the players can also use the token for making in-game purchases.

Referral System

The HODLer users will be rewarded with a percentage of HODL Games token for referring friends and family to the HODL Games platform. They will be able to create referral links of their favourite games and then share them with near and dear ones who are interested in gaming or cryptocurrency. 


HODL members will be able to reserve advertising space on HODL advertising platform through HODL Games tokens. 

For further information, please visit https://hodl.shop 

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