Sonar Breaks Through Sales and Marketing Data Siloes With New Product for Pardot

The Leading Change Intelligence Platform Expands Offerings To Improve Collaboration Between Sales & Marketing Operations

Sonar, the top-rated Change Intelligence platform, is bridging the gap between sales ops and marketing ops by giving teams a shared view into their critical systems. With Sonar for Pardot, teams will be able to see how their Pardot and Salesforce orgs connect, empowering marketing and sales to collaborate on changes and build cross-departmental processes.

The relationship between the sales team's CRM and the marketing team's automation is one of the most complicated parts of a tech stack. Marketing and sales often work in siloes, causing their teams to run in separate directions toward the same goals. Sonar for Pardot solves that disconnect, giving both teams visibility across their systems to work together in sync.

Every change made in Salesforce and Pardot can have ripple effects across go-to-market teams. With Sonar for Pardot, teams will be able to view the impacts a change will have on others before making it. By understanding how changes affect both systems, go-to-market teams can work together to meet revenue goals.

"There's often friction between marketing and sales caused by years of working apart from each other and reporting on metrics from different systems," says Brad Smith, CEO & Co-founder at Sonar. "By giving teams a shared view across the systems they rely on to achieve success, you can unify their actions to make a real, meaningful impact on revenue. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Sonar for Pardot. Now, teams will have a comprehensive understanding of their Salesforce and Pardot orgs, so they can break down siloes and easily collaborate."

Sonar for Pardot marks the company's expansion beyond Salesforce, serving teams across go-to-market functions. To learn more about Sonar for Pardot, visit

About Sonar

Sonar is the top-rated Change Intelligence platform for operations teams. Using Sonar empowers ops leaders and systems admins with a clear view into their tech stack and how it works. With Sonar, go-to-market teams gain the complete context they need to work together to drive effective change management. Many of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies simplify complex change with Sonar, including Lattice, Pendo, FullStory, ChowNow, SalesLoft, and more. To learn more, visit

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