GOmov introduces the #1 traveling app to the Global Market that Accepts Blockchain Payment Systems

Think of Travel, Think of GOmov

The recent onset of the coronavirus pandemic left a considerable impact on the business sector, and the tourism industry is no exception. The recent reports even state that the tourism industry experienced the biggest downfall due to covid-19 led lockdown measures affecting all continents. Although governments and policymakers are taking all possible steps to ease the economic burdens on businesses and households, the tourism industry may need more time to adapt to this new normal. As people are already in fear due to consequences associated to this contagious virus, it is difficult for them to plan trips again.

The entire tourism value chain experienced great harm, mainly due to limited fiscal space. However, the new initiatives to advance growth in this sector may still help. Moving in the same direction, A reputed technological organization, has recently launched a new traveling app known as GOmov.

GOmov app is designed as a platform to bridge between travelers and agents while easing the service and payment requirements. With this interactive and user-friendly app, travelers are allowed to choose the services as per their preferences, and all the payments are held in escrow until local agent completes their task.

There are millions of travelers desire to spend more time at their favorite destinations. However, they are worried about lengthy surveys, DIY investigations, and information that is difficult to access with accuracy. GOmov app is designed to ease these complicated processes. It allows users to identify safe destinations to travel to, suggest places to visit based on their previous travel histories and portfolio. Furthermore, it runs promotions on tour, accommodation, transport rental, medical insurance, and a part-time job as well which is really good for those who want to stay longer.

This app can also assist travelers to compare agent fees so that they can choose the most affordable and reliable one. Travelers can choose the various payments between fiat currencies to blockchain payment systems such as Bitcoins, Altcoins. The extended support to blockchain payment systems allows tourists to travel overseas without carrying much hard cash.

GOmov app supports Android, iOS platforms and also web-based portal as per their software white paper. Once users have identified the country of destination, they can use GOmov platform on the device and choose their preferred language to interact. The app provide users access to some essential services namely social visit pass, visa applications, accommodations, movers, transport rental, bank applications, medical insurance, ground tours, wealth planner, advisory, education, networking, and many more. The information about local agents, type of services and cost is easily accessible on the finger tips. It an all-in-one travel companion during all short and long-term travel or tour.

John Ranson, the CEO of the company, recently shared his thoughts to the media that they have an extensive team of multi-expertise individuals. These professionals acquire extensive experience ranging from the groundwork to the management in Information Technology. The team are able to effectively handle tasks associated with Software Development, Investments, along with Sales & Marketing as well. He also emphasized on the aspiration of GOmov growing to be the essential travel app used globally.

GOmov app has a landing page that shows all travel required advertisements for easy scroll and this helps travelers to simply browse, read about the destination and select the service. The mobile-friendly app design makes it a reliable and dependable choice for travelers. New applicants can also receive advice from experts on what they can do and what is restricted. Frequent travelers may find this app a flexible solution during their entire relocation or travel journey. This app also helps travelers establish a safe connection with the local agents so that they can step forward without any uncertainty in mind. The app is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that make it easier to find the best travel suggestions based on previous experiences and preferences.

GOmov tokens can be used as an easy payments overseas as they can be exchanged to mainstream cryptos within a few seconds. This app extends support to crypto-based trading and transactions. However, travelers can also cash out whenever they need. GOmov gives new dimensions to Blockchain-based transactions, and it also accepts fiat currency, including debit and credit cards. At the same time, it opens doors for travelers and agents to make money through crypto investment. GOmov future roadmap is to allow local companies and agents to advertise their relevant services at a reasonable fee, and these transactions will be further used for powering the GOmov token. As a result, GOmov token value will appreciate over time.

About GOmov:

GOmov is one of the most trusted software tools for travelers that are interested in enjoying relaxing short-term and long-term stays overseas. The company aspires to provide a safe and seamless travel experience to travelers globally. In order to achieve this mission, they have brought all the local agents and interested travelers on the same platform while ensuring secure and safe connectivity throughout the journeys. Moreover, the company makes use of a blockchain platform to ease payments overseas. Therefore, travelers need not carry too much hard cash while traveling. Think of travel, think of GOmov.

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