Introducing Fan Engagement like You've Never Seen It - IDO Kicking off 29 Nov

Peoplez has announced its IDO on 29th November, alongside onboarding three influential advisors for its fan engagement platform

Warsaw, Poland--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2021) - Ahead of their IDO, Peoplez has onboarded three prominent advisors from the entertainment industry - Shannon Jones, Joseph "Screwface" Charles, and Jeffrey "J Dub" Walker--and has drawn support from six established launching pads ahead of the upcoming IDO. This next few months certainly looks to be huge for the upcoming platform.

Figure 1: Introducing Fan Engagement Like You've Never Seen it - IDO Kicking off 29 Nov

The creators of Peoplez want to change how fans and idols engage. They recognize that existing channels don't provide fitting solutions despite the widespread use of social media. The platform solves these pain points by offering a solution where fans and idols are part of a new experience thought to be inconceivable a few years back.

Peoplez's users can easily interact with VIPs from across the globe and in any industry. VIPs on the fan engagement platform can create their personalized tokens without any coding skills, and through the in-built marketplace, VIP tokens act as conduits easing interaction between the celebrities and platform users. Furthermore, VIPs can easily build value by creating NFTs and selling them to fans.

To foster engagement and improve experience, fans can pay to appear in VIP's music videos, get backstage passes, and more, by holding their favourite VIPs tokens. Besides engagement, Peoplez also makes it easy for users to identify VIP talent and invest in and benefit from their creative skills.

Central to the Peoplez fan engagement platform will be the LEZ token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). LEZ token holders can swap them for their VIP's tokens via Peoplez's in-built decentralized exchange, the Peoplez Live.

Owning VIP tokens opens up even more possibilities for quicker and more personalized interaction platform users' favourite VIPs. Peoplez also allows the staking of LEZ tokens on the DEX - an avenue for holders to increase their capital base through passive income, and a tokenomic incentive to limit supply whilst demand for the token skyrockets due to VIPs drawing crowds.

Peoplez - Backed by Heavyweight Advisors

Peoplez has already on-boarded three extremely influential advisors. Joseph "Screwface" Charles is the Former General Manager at The Cherry Party and Sony Entertainment. Joseph led Sony Entertainment for over five years from 2013 to 2018. Sony Entertainment is one of the oldest music companies with a huge, global presence.

Jeffrey "J Dub" Walker is the award-winning Chief Executive Officer and Head Producer at Dubzworld Productionz LLC. Jeffrey was behind Tyler Perry's stage play "Madea's Big Happy Family", winning the 2011 ASCAP Award for his music in the Top TV Series "Meet the Browns."

Finally, Shannon Jones is a songwriter, singer, and composer, collaborating closely with Universal Studios and Diddy Bad Boy Entertainment. He's credited for producing vocals for Jay-Z's hit American Gangster.

On launch in Q1 2022, Peoplez' heavyweight advisory team will make sure the launch is a success, signalling to new VIPs that the project is sound. There will be even more demand for the LEZ token once the project expands globally, as VIPs will bring in people in droves to follow them on the Peoplez platform - driving the prices of LEZ even higher.

Peoplez IDO - November 29, 2021

On November 29, 2021, the Peoplez platform will conduct their IDO and distribute 540,000 LEZ tokens to investors. Each token will be available for $0.70, a discount considering the value proposition of the Peoplez platform and its ambitious roadmap.

There are five supporting launching pads. These are Safelaunch, Cyberfi Samurai, Truepnl, Yellowroad, and PolkaBridge. The high number of supporting launching pad points to the high demand of LEZ tokens from institutions. Ordinarily, it is extremely rare for a crypto startup to attract such a high number of established firms ahead of launch.

Peoplez want to change how fans interact with VIPs. Their unique and well-thought-out approach overhauls the architecture used by social media platforms. By leveraging the blockchain and allowing VIPs to create their tokens and mint NFTs, there arise infinite possibilities. The LEZ token is like the key to this expanding ecosystem, and it explains why there has been a lot of institutional support.

For retail investors, the IDO on November 29 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a new way of fan engagement, and the opportunity to earn profits like never before.

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