Phillips Distilling Company Introduces Cubist™ Freezer Vodka™


PRINCETON, Minn., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Phillips Distilling Company, a pioneer in breakthrough flavors and spirits innovation for more than 100 years, today announced the introduction of Cubist Freezer Vodka, the only vodka on the market that is specifically designed and distilled from start-to-finish to store in the freezer. Beginning this month, "The World's Most Refreshing Vodka™" is being test marketed in Minnesota and Arizona with an expanded launch in 2022.

Consumer insights show that vodka drinkers prefer vodka ice cold and many store it in their freezer to serve at the optimal temperature for refreshment. Cubist Freezer Vodka product designers had this in mind when creating a stunning bottle design assured to shakeup the vodka industry. When Cubist Freezer Vodka is at its most perfect temperature – at or below zero degrees Celsius -- an artfully-crafted bottle design using thermochromic ink technology turns the bottle label blue notifying the drinker it's at its optimal temperature and ready to serve.

The bottle design is the result of more than a year's worth of Phillips Distilling Company collaboration with CTI; the thermochromic ink technology experts. Created with the consumer in mind, the Cubist Freezer Vodka bottle demonstrates a fun and contemporary personality that clearly distinguishes the brand from other traditional mainstay vodkas.  

"Until now, no spirits maker could make the claim that they produce a vodka with a commitment to cold throughout the entire process to preserve the integrity, purity and taste of its vodka," said Jeff Twomey, Senior Brand Manager at Phillips Distilling Company. "Our fresh, bold and confident bottle design gives vodka drinkers a fun new way to get together and celebrate every day or milestone occasions with friends and family."   

Cubist Freezer Vodka is the only vodka created specifically to maintain its integrity in freezing temperatures. The exciting introduction creates a first in category "Freezer Vodka" that is immediately re-cooled after distilling and then chill-filtered through an ultra-fine sieve to remove any impurities. The result is a crisp, clean Vodka that is uniquely suited to be enjoyed at freezing temperatures for optimal refreshment.  

According to Phillips Distilling Company research, 75% of consumers believe Cubist is unique from other vodkas. Besides being specifically designed for the freezer and having a cold-activated bottle display when the vodka is perfectly chilled, Cubist Freezer Vodka is American vodka made with corn and distilled four times. The 750ML sleek bottle retails for $24.99.

Cubist is intended for 26-45 year old males and females who like to experiment with new vodka brands with friends at home or in premium cocktail/chef-driven on-premise accounts. The vodka is frequently served in popular drink recipes such as Chilled Vodka Sours, No-Ice Martinis and Cucumber Lemon Coolers. To learn more about Cubist, visit

About Phillips Distilling Company:
Phillips Distilling Company is one of the most innovative and enduring distilled spirits companies in North America. Over 109 years in the making, Phillips continues to produce high-quality products using only the finest ingredients, sourced from around the globe. Phillips is consistently a pioneer in the spirits industry, from America's first schnapps in the 1930s to flavored vodka in the 1950s to flavored whiskey in the 1990s to organic spirits in the 2000s. The Phillips portfolio includes Phillips Spirits, UV Vodka, Prairie Organic Spirits, Revel Stoke Whiskies, Tomatin Scotch Whiskies, Trader Vic's Rums, and Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon. The company is based in Princeton, Minn., with offices in St. Paul. For more information, go to

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