The College Scam Launches New Website To Prove The College Scam

US-based company, The College Scam, has announced the launch of its new website, which was created to expose the myth that everyone needs a degree to be successful in life. The new website is a collection of different statistics, charts, graphs, YouTube videos, and numerous articles which the company says buttress its point that college is indeed a massive scam.

Created by Jamal X, who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, stock trader, and investor, The College Scam insists that it is not against college education in general. It understands that certain jobs and professions legally require a person to possess a degree before they can practice in the field. And as a stock trader, Jamal appreciates the value and importance of quality education from having to tutor himself on the subject, even though mostly from free information online.

However, The College Scam asserts that it is particular about destroying the illusion which many people have believed for decades. And also exposing the fact that getting a college degree and being successful in life are two completely unrelated things that aren’t codependent. 

Chief of the reasons it cites to support its position is the massive student loan debt in the United States, which the company estimates to be about 1.6 trillion dollars as of 2019. Positing that the entire process only leaves individuals with more debt than they can ever repay.

It further states that the laws of demand and supply showcase how unreliable a college education is for earning a living in the US, when about a third of the population already possess a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

In addition, The College Scam offers a list of reading materials and links to different articles that exhaustively examine the issue. It also features backlinks to discussions on Quora and Reddit for interested visitors to follow and develop an independent opinion on the subject.

Its video library consists of full-length discussions and interviews with students and other industry experts. As well as documentaries and news specials from different sources that provide a comprehensive insight into the extent of the problem. 

And after fully detailing the problem and how it impacts society, The College Scam also lists a few solutions which it assures are better and more realistic alternatives to a college degree as regards earning a decent living.

“I am not against education. You need to know something about something but there are a plethora of inexpensive and more effective alternatives to traditional higher education.” – Jamal X.

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